Korean Ballad Singer Nautilus Is Holding His Concert “My Story Ep.1 – TaeSoo” This Coming Spring

Korean ballad singer Nautilus announced that he will be holding a concert entitled “My Story Ep.1 – TaeSoo”! The concert is taking place on April 15, 5 months after his first concert, at the Hyundai Card Understage.

The concert’s title “TaeSoo” refers to the artist’s real name. “TaeSoo” set to be the theme of the concert, hinting that singer will be showing his charms at the concert by bearing his candid self, which is rather different from his musician side. Nautilus, who personally chose the concert theme, plans to mesmerize his fans through his honest and sincere songs.

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Nautilus’ “My Story Ep.1 – TaeSoo” is a stage that has been realized in just 5 months after his first concert. The singers’ fans requested for an encore after last year’s November concert. As a result, fans can expect to see Nautilus’ more perfected live performance. As the artist will also be having his comeback this spring, Nautilus will also be performing his new song for the first time at this concert. The track is a refreshing and lively medium-tempo love song with warm lyrics that will suit the spring season or the wedding the season. The song was produced by Joseph Kwho also composed Paul Kim’s ‘Me After You’, ‘Rain’, ‘Traffic Light’, and Nautilus’ ‘Sorry’.

Along with the mentioned new song, Nautilus plans to showcase a diverse range of performances at the concert, including animation OSTs that he sang during his pre-debut YouTube music creator days, and drama OSTs that he participated in previously. Additionally, the concert promises various events, prizes, and special guests, so the concert attendees may expect entertaining stages with the artist.

Nautilus has proven himself as a “Ballad genius” and a “Ballad textbook” through the remake version of MBC’s “Goong” OST ‘My Girl’ and the OST of the drama “Curtain Call”.

Check out his rendition of ‘My Girl’ here.

“2023 Nautilus Concert My Story Ep.1 – TaeSoo” will be held on April 15th at 6PM KST at Hyundai Card Understage. Tickets will be available for purchase starting today at 6 PM on the same day through Melon Ticket.

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