Kim Woo Bin Pays Tribute To Late Fan And Attends Their Funeral— Her Family Reveals How He Honored Her

Kim Woo Bin Pays Tribute To Late Fan And Attends Their Funeral— Her Family Reveals How He Honored Her

Kim Woo Bin Pays Tribute To Late Fan And Attends Their Funeral— Her Family Reveals How He Honored Her

The actor penned a touching tribute to a dedicated fan who recently passed away.

Actor Kim Woo Bin‘s Instagram posts often show the behind-the-scenes of his current projects, but his most recent post differed in a heartbreaking yet touching way.

Kim Woo Bin | @___kimwoobin/Instagram

On August 26, 2023, Kim Woo Bin posted a photo from an airplane window. Accompanying the photo, the actor shared a thoughtful message dedicated to the owner of one of his fansites, Ji Won, who recently passed away.

In a letter written to Ji Won, Kim Woo Bin revealed he had just attended her funeral, and on his flight home, he came to understand the physical lengths Ji Won had gone to support his activities.

Dear Ji Won, the purest and the brightest.
I went to bid my farewell to you, and now, I finally understand how far and long the trip must have been each time you came to see me for all those years… And whenever I’m reminded of your face, with a big smile and asking how I’ve been, my heart breaks all over again. I don’t think this is goodbye forever, Ji Won. Wherever you are, I wish you the happiest and the healthiest days.

— Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin emotionally detailed his hopes to meet the fan again one day and shared his gratitude for having such a dedicated and supportive fan in Ji Won.

I hope you get to laugh every day until we meet again. And when we do, let’s take a lot of pictures together and talk about anything and everything.I’ll keep you in my thoughts when I work on the shows that you’ve been looking forward to. You’ll give me the strength to go on, so please keep looking over me. I’m grateful again and again that I had a fan like you, supporting what I do. I promise we’ll meet again someday.

— Kim Woo Bin

A letter to Kim Woo Bin from Ji Won was shared on the actor’s Instagram. | @___kimwoobin/Instagram

The actor’s touching post caught the attention of other fans and Ji Won’s family, who had messages of their own for Kim Woo Bin.

Ji Won’s younger sister, Ji Su, shared her own gratitude, revealing that Kim Woo Bin had not only attended the funeral but sent Ji Won flowers as well.

A comment Ji Su left on Kim Woo Bin’s Instagram post | @___kimwoobin/Instagram

Hello, this is Ji Su. I’m Ji Won’s younger sister. I wanted to leave a comment after reading your post. I was grateful for the flowers that you sent to my sister. But to have you come to the funeral was the sincerest condolence you could’ve paid for us. My parents and I all found the strength to go on, thanks to you. My sister loved you each and every day of her life… So she must’ve been happy to see you one last time. I’m sure she has found her peace now. Thank you so much for coming to her funeral, despite how busy you are. Thank you for saying goodbye to my sister. I wish you all the best, in your health and in all of the work that you do. I hope you stay healthy and happy, too. Again, thank you so much for staying by my sister’s side.

— Ji Su

In a second comment, Ji Su shared messages on behalf of her parents, who were also moved by the lengths Kim Woo Bin went to honor their daughter.

The message from Ji Won’s mom and dad also revealed that Kim Woo Bin had heartwarmingly provided the family with condolence money.

| @___kimwoobin/Instagram

Hi, this is Ji Won’s younger sister Ji Su again. My parents wanted to tell you a few things, too. I’ll leave them here.Hello! This is Ji Won’s mom and dad. We were completely shattered when we had to say goodbye to Ji Won so abruptly. The whole family was struggling. That’s when you sent the flowers and quite a bit of condolence money. Then you came to her funeral, to comfort her and us, too. It made us see how much you treasured Ji Won as your fan. It made us cry, and it made us feel so much better. We have no doubt in our hearts that Ji Won also found your final goodbye to be comforting. With your support, Ji Won is off to a much better place now.Thanks to you, we were able to send her off well. We share our deepest gratitude with you. And like Ji Won had been doing all along, we, too, will continue to watch you and root for everything you do. Thank you.

— Ji Su

Fellow Kim Woo Bin fans who followed Ji Won’s account shared, with permission from her family, that she had passed away due to a sudden decline in health.

A comment from a fellow fan announcing the news of Ji Won’s passing.

Fans and netizens have shared their condolences with Ji Won’s family and loved ones.