Kim Jin Young Admits He Couldn't Finish Watching "Single's Inferno 2"

Kim Jin Young Admits He Couldn’t Finish Watching “Single’s Inferno 2”

He met with “Transit Love 2” contestant Lee Ji Yeon to talk about their experiences.

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young easily won fans over with his visuals, charisma, and humor during his time on the show.

Single’s Inferno 2 Kim Jin Young | Netflix

In the show, many female contestants fell for Jin Young’s charms, leaving some fans convinced he and Shin Seul Ki would leave the island together…

Shin Seul Ki and Kim Jin Young | Netflix

While others believed that he and Lee Nadine would walk away together.

Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young | Netflix

However, despite the viewer’s expectations, Jin Young left Inferno alone after Seul Ki chose Choi Jong Woo instead. Although fans of the show still have hope that Jin Young might end up with one of the contestants.

Choi Jong Woo and Shin Seul Ki leaving Inferno together | Netflix

Jin Young recently sat down with Transit Love 2 contestant Lee Ji Yeon and the two talked about their experiences on their respective shows.

Lee Ji Yeon and Kim Jin Young | 117/YouTube

Ji Yeon admitted that she felt pressured by how popular Transit Love 2 became, but she persevered thanks to the fans cheering her on.

| 117/YouTube

For Jin Young, the YouTuber admitted that he feels “still in the middle of the turmoil” of the show airing.

| 117/YouTube

In fact, Jin Young admitted that he still hasn’t watched the last episode.

| 117/YouTube

Because he “[knows] who will choose who,” Jin Young couldn’t sit through the final episode.

I know who will choose who, so I can’t sit and watch it through the screen. I only watched to the point where I approach a lady, meet [her eyes]and smile.

— Kim Jin Young

| 117/YouTube

Which Ji Yeon can relate to since she cried while watching the final episode of Transit Love 2.

| 117/YouTube

Ultimately, Jin Young admitted that he’s “always sincere when it comes to love shows,” meaning that viewers saw his authentic self throughout his time on the show, which further explains why he’s unable to see himself end the show alone.

| 117/YouTube

You can read more about what’s next for Jin Young here.

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