Kim Hieora’s High School Schoolmate Writes Fiery Statement Lamenting Bullying Allegations

Kim Hieora’s High School Schoolmate Writes Fiery Statement Lamenting Bullying Allegations

Kim Hieora’s High School Schoolmate Writes Fiery Statement Lamenting Bullying Allegations

“How can you call her a bully?”

Another former schoolmate of Kim Hieora has stepped up to defend the actor.

Kim Hieora

On September 7, a post titled “Kim Hieora Wasn’t A Bully Or A Gangster” went viral.

In the post, a former schoolmate writes that they went to the same High School as Kim Hieora.

I was born in 1989 and went to the same High School as Kim Hieora. Although we weren’t very close, we were classmates. I feel like other schoolmates will know who I am, so I am writing this truthfully.

— Schoolmate

The schoolmate goes on to defend Kim Hieora against bullying allegations. According to the schoolmate, Kim Hieora was famous in her city of Wonju among fellow students.

Kim Hieora was very famous in Wonju. She has natural brown eyes and brown hair. She sang well, and people thought she was multiracial. She was so famous that I, who went to a school in the countryside, unlike Sangji Middle School (Kim Hieora’s Middle School), knew who she was.

She wasn’t famous because she was a rebel. Whe was just really popular. She dressed well and sang well and was overall popular, but a school bully? She had friends who were normal students and also had friends who were popular. She was friends with everyone. How can you call her a bully?

— Schoolmate

The schoolmate continued stating that she and Kim Hieora first became acquainted at an afterschool. According to her, the future actress reached out to her first.

I first met her in the third year of Middle School. We went to the same afterschool. Would a bully diligently attend an afterschool? Maybe because we were the only girls, but I remember she kindly spoke to me first. She told me she was also from the countryside. I remember thinking, why would a pretty girl like her talk to me? After that, I quit the afterschool because I was a poor student, so we couldn’t become close friends.

Soon after, we met in High School, which was sort of like an art school. We met there, but because my personality isn’t very welcoming and because I was from the countryside and hung out with the same friends for +12 years, I couldn’t make any friends. So I would eat alone, and it was to the point that the senior girls would take care of me. I was just the biggest loser…

Anyways, it was then that Kim Hieora would ask me why I ate alone and told me to eat with her. This is something I’ll forever be thankful for. After that, she introduced me to her friends and would go to the school store with me. And although there was somebody who stole my phone, Hieora has never done that to me.

— Schoolmate

The schoolmate then criticized the allegations as unfounded.

And lighter? Cigarette runs? During my third year of Middle School, I was be scared of the kids smoking, but Hieora was the type of student that would get on the bus as soon as afterschool ended. If she was someone who smoked, she would have carried perfume, but I have never seen her use perfume and didn’t carry any.

— Schoolmate

The schoolmate then wrote a very poignant letter to her friend and expressed her support for the actress.

Hieora, if you get to see this, be strong. I’m not sure why this happened, but you were a precious friend, and I want to say how thankful I am for you. She cared for others and always had a passion for acting. I feel this is so wrong, and I am so desperate that I have asked my friends in the countryside to send me pictures, which I am posting here. And back then, we would name our friends with the neighborhood we lived in. Our friends called ourselves the ㅈㅈ Fam. Does that make me a gangster too?

Also, because Wonju is a smaller city, everyone knows each other. If she was a bully, she would have been found out as soon as she debuted. From my knowledge, she still meets her High School friends from time to time. If she was such a bad kid, would she still have friends from school?

Also, if she was a bully, then why would she help someone like me? She could have just easily stolen my money. She never hung out with a crowd at afterschool,. Instead, she was quiet and attended her classes quietly, who would on occasion, brightly speak to you 1 on 1. I feel the allegations fall apart from here.

I am ending this writing in the hopes that Hieora can be vindicated.

— Schoolmate

The schoolmate then posted a photo of herself with Hieora from High School as proof of her innocence.

Kim HIeora’s High School photo | nate pann
Kim Hieora (left) and the former schoolmate (right) | Nate Pann

The schoolmate’s letter is just another one of a sleuth of former classmates who have stepped up in defense of the actress. You can read more in the link below.