Kim Hieora’s Agency Levies Damning Allegations Aginst Dispatch Before Vowing Legal Action

Kim Hieora’s Agency Levies Damning Allegations Aginst Dispatch Before Vowing Legal Action

Kim Hieora’s Agency Levies Damning Allegations Aginst Dispatch Before Vowing Legal Action

The agency made several serious allegations against Dispatch.

Kim Hieora‘s label asserted that the actress was coerced by Dispatch into partially admitting bullying accusations.

Kim Hieora | Korea Herald

On September 11, Kim Hieora’s label Gram Entertainment released a statement in which they expressed their disappointment and made several allegations of their own against Dispatch before vowing to take legal action.

In their statement, Gram Entertainment begins by expressing regret over the controversy and Dispatch’s handling of the bullying allegations.

We would like to first apologize for the controversy surrounding Kim Hieora. We would like to give our apologies to the many who were affected and disappointed by this incident.

We express our regret over a media outlet that today published a one-sided story as if it is fact. As we can no longer just watch the outlet defame Kim Hieora’s reputation and cause harm to innocent people around her, we have decided to take legal action.

— Gram Entertainment

Gram Entertainment then revealed a list of grievances against Dispatch.

  1. Not only did the outlet, who first reported the story, maliciously edit the alleged victim’s words they also claimed that they looked out for the artist and justified their report with a holier-than-though attitude.For example, in the article published on September 9, the outlet wrote that “September 8, 2023. Kim Hieora called ‘H’” and that “Kim Hieora hurriedly called after releasing a statement because ‘H’ (had) evidence of bullying.” This is absolutely false. After we released our statement, “H” texted Kim Hieora that she wanted to talk but after the signal was dropped, Kim Hieora called her back. In fact, “H” is the one who pressured Kim Hieora, hoping to (record) something to give to the outlet, and it wasn’t only later that Kim Hieora, who took the call out of guilt for not defending “H” (many years ago), realized “H” had malicious intentions.
  2.  On May 17, the outlet told Kim Hieora, who went to their offices without an agency representative, that if she admitted to the allegations, they would go easier on her. The outlet then told her that they could make the incident become less serious like Kim X X (celebrity’s name redacted) so that Kim Hieora could return to being an actress.For example, they continued grilling Kim Hieora, who said she had never smoked cigarettes, the same questions  and told her that so many people had seen her smoke cigarettes. When Kim Hieora pleaded her innocence, the outlet said, “That’s not important, so let’s move on.” Rather than write about facts that were supported by evidence, they used the words of the alleged victims to inconspicuously allude to allegations that Kim Hieora made her victims buy cigarettes for her
  3. The outlet claimed they had finished investigating in May and had waited for Kim Hieora’s K-Drama to finish airing before publishing in consideration of the actor. However, the alleged victims had already patched things up with Kim Hieora, but despite knowing this, the outlet still published the allegations. During this time, we later learned that the outlet met with the alleged victims to obtain evidence, but when the victims realized there was a misunderstanding and changed their stories, the outlet told them that if they did so, they wouldn’t be able to publish the stories. While they were doing this, the outlet fooled us by claiming they hadn’t met with the victims or that they couldn’t get in touch with them.

Kim Hieora’s agency then revealed that Dispatch’s report had caused unintended harm to many who weren’t involved before vowing to take legal action.

Due to the (published) allegations, there are many people whose rights have been violated. Because of the double standards that celebrities are subjected to, when it comes to bullying, people who have nothing to do with the allegations are being accused of being a bully simply for having joined an internet cafe (Big Sangji). We ask no further harm occurs due to unresponsible journalism.

We will absolutely see who is innocent and guilty in court and will further untangle what the outlet claims to be evidence and will reveal the alleged victims’ misunderstandings in court.

— Gram Entertainment

Meanwhile, Dispatch released another article in which they criticized the alleged victims for changing their words. You can read more in the link below.

Dispatch Exposes Kim Hieora’s Alleged Victims For Changing Their Stories Amid Scrutiny