K-Variety Experience: Korean Variety Show Highlights From The 4th Week Of August To Kick Start The Week

While the focus of the K-Pop industry is mainly on the idols that stand on stage, there has been a rise in interest towards the dancers that perform alongside them. They’ve steadily gained even more respect and admiration from fans across the globe, gaining a following outside of the dance community. Through shows like “Street Woman Fighter“, “Be Mbitious“, and “Street Man Fighter“, various dancers and choreographers have entered into the spotlight, recognized for more than their incredible dance skills.

Recently, “Street Woman Fighter 2” made its long awaited premiere. This season, the dance competition program looks to take a global approach, inviting crews from outside of Korea to compete and prove that they’re the best on the dancefloor. While only one episode has released so far, there have been multiple clips and videos gaining the attention of viewers everywhere.

Through YouTube channel, The CHOOM, the contestants’ Crew Song Performance has been uploaded, wowing many and gaining hundreds of thousands of views in the process.

Here’s the top 4 most viewed Crew Song Performances!

Note: the data for these videos were taken on August 25th, 2023 at 12:00PM KST and views of each video may have changed after.


1. JAM REPUBLIC (726, 457 views)

Even in the intro, JAM REPUBLIC drip with an overwhelming charisma. From crisp isolations to groovy footwork, the crew show incredible skills to back up their confidence. The entire performance acts as a statement to their desire to rise to the very top of the competition. With their Crew Song Performance video, JAM REPUBLIC gained 726,457 views on YouTube.


2. 1MILLION (425,910 views)

1MILLION are iconic within the dance community, creating a huge online presence through their various choreography videos on YouTube. Shot entirely in black and white, 1MILLION’s Crew Song Performance has a layer of elegance and class that cannot be understated. Their movements are fluid and impactful, earning them 425,910 views on YouTube.


3. BEBE (333,440 views)

BEBE truly bring the heat with their raw power and performance capabilities. Their formations are incredible, with every movement acting as a magic spell, making viewers fall for them by the end of the video. BEBE have surely captured the attention of audiences across the globe as the dance crew earned 333,440 views on YouTube.


4. TSUBAKILL (303,981 views)

Coming from Japan, TSUBAKILL show that they’re a force to be reckoned with. They possess an alluring grittiness that makes you focus on the dance crew from beginning to end. Their transitions and expertly executed dance moves will have you staring in awe. With their skills, TSUBAKILL earned 303,981 views from YouTube.

Have you watched the first episode of “Street Woman Fighter 2”? Which crew are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments!