K-Pop MVs That Crossed 100 Million Views In Record Time

The popularity of K-Pop songs can be easily seen in how the songs reach millions of views in a matter of days. But some groups are there whose songs easily cross the 100 million mark and keep climbing. Today, I’m going to list the K-Pop songs that crossed the 100 million mark on YouTube. 

Even though there are plenty of K-Pop idols who are close friends, nonetheless, the K-Pop world is competitive, and as a member of a group, you do want your song to rank on the charts and cross the million and billion milestones on YouTube. The views matter as they determine the popularity of the track and make your base strong in the K-Pop world as well. Today’s post will focus on the tracks that have crossed the 100 million mark.

The MVs listed here are those tracks that have crossed the 100 million mark on YouTube.


‘Butter’ – BTS

BTS’ ‘Butter’ currently has 903 million views. 

‘Butter’ by BTS crossed the 100 million views mark within 21 hours. The MV was released on May 21, 2021 and since its release, the MV has broken several Guinness World Records as well. The MV recorded the most viewers for the premiere of the track with 3.9 million concurrent views. Previously, the concurrent record was held by BTS for their MV ‘Dynamite’, with 3 million concurrent views. On May 24, 2021, YouTube confirmed that the MV had broken the most viewed premiere video record as well. 

‘Butter’ also broke the record for being the most viewed YouTube video by a K-Pop group in 24 hours, gaining 108,200 views. 


 ‘Dynamite’ – BTS

BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ currently has 1.7 billion views.

BTS’ MV for ‘Dynamite’ is another MV that gained 100 million views within the initial 24 hours of viewing. ‘Dynamite’ is also the first full English track by BTS. The track was released on August 21, 2020, and it was less than a year when the track crossed the 1 billion mark as well. ‘Dynamite’ is the first MV to hit the 101.1 million views milestone in 24 hours, making a record as well. 


‘How You Like That’ – BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ currently has 1.2 billion views.

The MV of ‘How You Like That’ by BLACKPINK crossed the 100 million mark in 32 hours. Prior to the release of ‘Dynamite’, ‘How You Like That’ had held the record for fastest 100 million mark crossing record. 

A year after the video’s release, the MV has garnered more than 870 million views. 


‘Boy With Luv’ – BTS

BTS’ ‘Boy With Luv’ currently has 1.7 billion views.

The MV of ‘Boy With Luv’ crossed the 100 million mark in one day and 13 hours. Back in 2019 when the MV was released, it had set the record of gaining 100 million views in a day and a half. Before the releases of BLACKPINK and BTS, this song has held the record. 

As of August 2023 ‘Boy With Luv’ has more than 1.7 billion views and counting as ARMY keeps streaming the official videos. 


‘Ice Cream’ – BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK’s ‘Ice Cream’ currently has 865 million views.

BLACKPINK’s ‘Ice Cream’ garnered 100 million views within 1 day and 17 hours. The MV featured the girls in their bright summer looks, and the fans welcomed the girls’ different look. The fans of BLACKPINK also loved the idea of collaborating with Western artists. 



BLACKPINK Lisa’s ‘LALISA’ currently has 647 million views.

Lisa has a successful solo career as well, apart from her role as the member of the famous girl group BlACKPINK. The MV of ‘LALISA’ marked her debut and showcased her dancing and rapping abilities. The MV is acclaimed for being the first soloist video to cross the 100 million mark. 


‘Life Goes On’ – BTS

BTS’ ‘Life Goes On’ currently has 139 million views.

‘Life Goes On’ gained 100 million views withing 2 days and 4 hours. BTS made their comeback on November 20, 2020 with their “BE” special album. The title track exceeded the expectations and ARMY fell in love with the lyrics. 


‘Kill This Love’ – BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love’ currently has 1.8 billion views.

‘Kill This Love’ gained 100 million views in 2 days and 14 hours. Though the MV made a record at the time it gained the milestone, this record has been held by other K-Pop groups as well. 


‘Lovesick Girls’ – BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK’s ‘Lovesick Girls’ currently has 702 million views.

BLACKPINK’s album “The Album” has a track called ‘Lovesick Girls’. The track was released on October 2, 2020 and within three days, it crossed the 100 million mark. For those who like seeing the cute side of the girls, definitely loved the track. 



PSY’s ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ currently has 4.8 billion views

Setting the record for the most viewed video or crossing the 100 million mark back in 2013, is definitely worth mentioning. PSY is the artist who held the record for the fastest 100 million views on YouTube then. 



BTS’ ‘Idol’ currently has 1.2 billion views. 

The MV came out in 2018, and over a time of 4 days and 23 hours, the MV crossed the 100 million mark, which was a record at the time. ‘Idol’ was the fastest K-Pop MV to reach 100 million back then. 


‘ON’ – BTS

BTS’ ‘ON’ currently has 570 millions views.

‘ON’ crossed the 100 million record within 7 days. There are two versions of the track that were released from their album “Map of the Soul: 7” on February 21, 2020, but the first version gained 100 million views within the first 7 days. 


‘On The Ground’ – BLACKPINK’s Rosé

BLACKPINK Rosé’s ‘On The Ground’ currentl has 339 million views. 

The MV of ‘On The Ground’ by Rosé crossed the 100 million mark within 7 days and 15 hours. Rosé is one of the best Korean female artists, so it’s not a surprise to see her track crossing the 100 million mark. 


‘Fake Love’ – BTS

BTS’ ‘Fake Love’ currently has 1.2 billion views

‘Fake Love’ crossed the 100 million mark within 8 days and 9 hours. At the time, everyone was amazed at how fast the track crossed the 100 million mark, unknown of the 100 million record they were to make in 2021. 



TWICE’s ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’ currently has 502 million views.

The track was released after a three-year absence on October 26, 2020, and within 11 days and 11 hours, the MV crossed the 100 million mark proving TWICE MVs can cross the mark easily. 


Although there are other K-Pop songs that crossed the 100 million mark, these songs crossed the mark in a record time. These music videos prove the popularity K-Pop songs have. The retro-electric melody was a new thing and the fans loved it. 

Till the next post stay safe, stay healthy. Bye-bye.