K-Pop Fans Compare The Lightstick Designs For IVE, LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX, & NewJeans

K-Pop Fans Compare The Lightstick Designs For IVE, LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX, & NewJeans

Which one is your favorite?

At this point in their careers, rookie K-Pop groups such as IVE, THE SSERAFIM, NMIXXand NewJeans are starting to have more solid branding and marketing to help develop their personal identities. An exciting part of this process is seeing what an artist’s lightstick design will look like!

BTS lightstick

While some lightsticks end up being globe-shaped with various details inside or around it, some have more creative shapes to match a certain concept or aesthetic.

BLACKPINK lightstick

iKON lightstick

Recently, the topic of the above four K-Pop fourth generation girl group’s lightstick designs was brought up on an online public forum. Each of them have unique designs that have been met with more or less enthusiasm from their fans, often dependent on how well fans think the lightstick suits the group’s aesthetic.

The first lightstick shown on the post is IVE’s.

IVE’s lighstick | The Qoo

With a traditional globe shape, the lightstick has a lot of little details such as glitter and a spinning logo inside that’s sitting on a cute arrow. Fans have also gotten creative with customizing it.

| The Qoo

| The Qoo

| The Qoo

Next up is LE SSERAFIM’s lightstick.

LE SSERAFIM’s lightstick | The Qoo

This lightstick has a more unique shape reminiscent of a baton, with the fandom name “FEARNOT” on the side and the light-emitting part of the lightstick on the inside.

| The Qoo

NMIXX’s lightstick is the third one mentioned.

| The Qoo

Like IVE, NMIXX went with a more traditional globe shape for their lightstick. Inside of theirs, however, features a whale with a water-like design spraying from its blowhole, along with other water-shaped details.

Finally, NewJeans’ lightstick design is the last one shared on the forum post.

Taking the name of their fandom, Tokki, which means “bunny”, the lightstick is shaped like the head of the animal itself! The “eyes” of the bunny head also appear to have customizable abilities to add on various charms and details.

Fans of the various groups have pretty strong reactions to seeing all of the designs together, with some praising one of the designs while criticizing some of the others.

Which lightstick design is your favorite?

Source: The Qoo and Pan Choa