K-Netizens Are Totally Mesmerized By Suzy's Visuals In "Doona!"

K-Netizens Are Totally Mesmerized By Suzy’s Visuals In “Doona!”

She’s got it all!

With the recent premiere of the Netflix original series Doona!, the show garnered much attention from fans worldwide. While the series is jam-packed with drama, Suzy’s visuals are also going viral online! From sexy to cute, she’s got it all!

This sultry side to her has fans going wild!

Suzy as Doona | Netflix

Her versatility to go from sexy to cute girly vibes is just crazy.

Suzy as Doona | Netflix

And we’re back again with a pure and innocent look!

Suzy as Doona | Netflix

It’s no wonder fans couldn’t concentrate on the story seeing a face like this!

Suzy | @desenlace_/Twitter 

She captures the hearts of viewers with every scene!

Suzy | @desenlace_/Twitter 

She didn’t receive the title of “nation’s first love” for nothing!

Suzy | @moonsol/Tistory

Netizens that watched the show agreed that they couldn’t remember anything besides Suzy’s visuals!

Nate Pann
Nate Pann
  • “So pretty…I think a lot of young people will dress like Doona in the summer…really pretty.”
  • “Wow I wonder what good things she did in her past life to be born as Suzy.”
  • “I could only see Suzy in the drama.”
  • “Her face says it all.”

And if you think her visuals are the only thing gaining attention, check out the sexy kiss scene that has viewers going crazy!

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