K-Drama “Vigilante” Enters The Disney+ Top 10 Shows Of 5 Asian Countries

K-Drama “Vigilante” Enters The Disney+ Top 10 Shows Of 5 Asian Countries

K-Drama “Vigilante” Enters The Disney+ Top 10 Shows Of 5 Asian Countries

At times, office life can be draining with the amount of work that’s needed to be done week after week. But for all the K-Drama fans out there, rejoice, because do we have the list for you! Nothing serves as a better remedy to dreary office life than a drama with heart-fluttering office romance. These dramas have everything; from small cubicle visits, after work dates, and the drop of professional jargon for sweet, romantic one-liners. You cannot help but feel a wave of butterflies swirl around your stomach after each episode.

For newcomers to the K-Drama community, check out these titles to find the right fit for you. For long-time fans, take a trip down memory lane by watching these dramas once again. But if there’s a show you still haven’t seen, add it to the top of your watchlist!

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Cast: Park SeoJun, Park MinYoung, Lee TaeHwan, 2PM’s ChanSung, Kang KiYoung, Pyo YeJin

Summary: Lee YeongJun’s family runs a large company where he works as the vice-president. Despite being praised for his smarts and good looks, he is extremely narcissistic and arrogant. Beside him is his competent and hard-working secretary, Kim MiSo. She has worked hard to support her boss for many years and compliments him perfectly, but one day decides that she wants to quit.

Watch Because: Park SeoJun and Park MinYoung are considered as some of the best when it comes to romantic comedies. Their meeting in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” took the entire world by storm with their electrifying chemistry. From scenes of the two bickering to sweet moments of heartwarming romance, there’s never a dull moment in the widely iconic drama. By the end, you will have become totally invested in Lee YeongJun and Kim MiSo’s relationship, shedding tears over their hilarious antics and lovely interactions.


Cast: Lee JongSuk, Lee NaYoung, Jung Eugene, Wi HaJun

Summary: Kang DanYi was previously a successful copywriter who was praised for her abilities. However, everything changed once she got married and had a child. In the present, she is broke, unemployed, and divorced, struggling to make ends meet. She tries to find a job, but due to her impressive career history, not one company will accept her. Cha EunHo is a genius writer, an accomplished chief editor at a publishing company, and one of DanYi’s oldest friends. DanYi finds herself working at EunHo’s workplace and the two begin to develop a romantic relationship.

Watch Because: DanYi’s resilient spirit is admirable as she never gives up in her job search and even chooses to start over from the very bottom. All the while, EunHo is silently supporting her and reminding DanYi that he will always be by her side. His long-time affection for DanYi might have started off as unrequited love, but her heart eventually opens up, giving the green light to his romantic advances. “Romance Is a Bonus Book” is a feel-good drama that you won’t be able to stop watching once you get started.


Cast: Lee DongWook, Yoo InNa, Lee SangWoo, Son SungYoon

Summary: Oh YoonSeo was a top actress, known for her looks and abysmal acting. However, due to a scandal, her acting career rapidly declines. She wishes to make a comeback and in order to do so, she decides to take on a fake job at a law firm in order to prepare for a future role. Kwon JungRok is one of the top performing lawyers at All-Ways Law Firm and is very strict in his work practices. Oh YoonSeo becomes Kwon JungRok’s secretary under the guise of Oh JinSim. The two start off with a prickly relationship, but eventually learn to depend on one another.

Watch Because: If you were a fan of “Goblin“, you will know that Lee DongWook and Yoo InNa have previous experience working with one another. With their built in synergy, they create many unforgettable moments on screen that makes viewers giddy with laughter. Yoo InNa once again takes on the role of a walking ray of sunshine for Lee DongWook’s character. The two are like yin and yang, perfectly complimenting each other in every situation. Any drama with these two as a pair is bound to see spectacular success!


Cast: Park MinYoung, Kim JaeUck, ONE, Ahn BoHyun, Kim BoRa

Summary: During the day, Sung DukMi works as a curator for an art gallery. She’s competent in her work and upholds a very professional image. But in her free time, she is a dedicated fangirl and is the fansite master for White Ocean’s SiAn. One day Ryan Gold, a famous painter, becomes the director for the art gallery DukMi works at. He is self-centered and hard to work with. Ryan Gold learns that DukMi runs a fansite by chance and begins to take an interest in her.

Watch Because: For all the fangirls and fanboys out there, what better character to relate to other than Sung DukMi. She’s the perfect example of work-life balance and being able to support your favorite celebrity in your free time. That aside, the interactions between Park MinYoung’s DukMi and Kim JaeUck’s Ryan Gold is an absolute treat to watch. The two have a push and pull relationship that will make your sides hurt from laughter. By the end, they show so much affection towards each other that you will either get sick of it or wish you had a love story like theirs.


Cast: Ahn HyoSeop, Kim SeJeong, Kim MinGue, Seor InA

Summary: Shin HaRi is an ordinary office worker. One day, she disguises herself and attends a blind date in place of her friend Jin YoungSeo, with the goal of being rejected. Come to find out, the man she’s meeting is the CEO of HaRi’s company, Kang TaeMu. Plans backfire when he calls the next day, asking for HaRi’s hand in marriage.

Watch Because: Kim SeJeong is absolutely hilarious in her role as Shin HaRi. Staying true to her own real life personality, HaRi is an energetic vitamin that acts as a perfect pick-me-up for a hard day. Kang TaeMu notices this too, as his cold demeanor significantly changes once HaRi comes into his life. You mustn’t only focus on the main leads, as the secondary couple in Kim MinGue and Seor InA provide their fair amount of heartwarming romance all on their own. “Business Proposal” is an easy binge and you’ll be coming back for more once it’s finished.


6. “She Was Pretty”

Cast: Park SeoJun, Hwang JungEum, Go JoonHee, Choi SiWon

Summary: Kim HyeJin and Ji SungJoon are childhood friends but SungJoon leaves Korea and the two end up spending many years apart. In the present, HyeJin is no longer the popular and pretty girl from SungJoon’s memories and instead works at a menial job. On the other hand, SungJoon has transformed into a handsome and successful magazine editor. When SungJoon comes back to Korea, he tries to meet up with HyeJin once more, but ashamed of her appearance, she asks her best friend Min HaRi to stand in her place.

Watch Because: From the outset, this drama is much more than a simple story about office romance. “She Was Pretty” deals with self-confidence, feeling pretty in your own skin, and acceptance. Every character has their own fair share of trauma that they must work through within the drama. And the entire cast give a magnificent performance while doing so. The office romance is but an added bonus to all of the fine nuances that populate this iconic and memorable K-Drama.


Cast: Suzy, Nam JooHyuk, Kim SeonHo, Kang HanNa

Summary: Seo DalMi has dreams of becoming someone like Steve Jobs. In order to do so, she drops out of university to raise the funds needed for her business pursuits. Nam DoSan is the founder of Samsan Tech but has seen little to no success. By an odd turn of events, he becomes DalMi’s first love. They cheer each other on in their business ventures and a romantic relationship begins to flourish.

Watch Because: Suzy and Nam JooHyuk’s characters are persistent and never lose focus on their dreams. Despite their strong drive to succeed, they are able to tend to the feelings of romance that are beginning to stir in their hearts. Then there’s Kim SeonHo who becomes a strong contender for DalMi’s love, infecting viewers with an intense case of second lead syndrome. Your head will be absolutely spinning trying to decide who to support in this battle of love. You will have no regrets if you decide to start this drama!


Top 12 Best K-Dramas About Heart-Fluttering Office Romance That You Should Add To Your Watchlist (2023 Update)


Cast: Kim YoungKwang, Jin KiJoo, Kim JaeKyung, Koo JaSung

Summary: Do MinIk is the director of mobile media 1 team at T&T. He was able to memorize faces even after seeing them once and was able to read people with just one glance. However, he comes down with a case of face blindness and now, the only person he can recognize is his secretary Jung GalHee. Due to an incident, Galhee disguises herself and lives a second life as Park group heiress Veronica Park. A budding romance springs forth between the two as Do MinIk tries his best to overcome his illness.

Watch Because: “The Secret Life Of My Secretary” is filled with light-hearted romance and fun, all while maintaining a balancing act of larger issues and hidden traumas. Do MinIk learns how to depend on another person and GalHee finally finds her worth after struggling to take care of her family all throughout her life. Then there’s the iconic Veronica Park that will have you laughing for days. It’s not a secret how good this drama is and you should definitely add it onto your watchlist.


9. “Strong Woman Do BongSoon”

Top 12 Best K-Dramas About Heart-Fluttering Office Romance That You Should Add To Your Watchlist (2023 Update)


Cast: Park BoYoung, Park HyungSik

Summary: Do BongSoon comes from a long line of women who are born with superhuman strength. She dreams of developing her own video game. By chance, she is employed as the bodyguard to Ahn MinHyuk, the CEO of video game company Ainsoft. In BongSoon’s neighborhood, a series of kidnapping cases occur and the two become involved. All while this is happening, Ahn MinHyuk begins to develop romantic feelings for Do BongSoon.

Watch Because: “Strong Woman Do BongSoon” is unique in that it mixes romantic-comedy with a splash of thriller. There are also sprinkles of fantasy with the use of superhuman strength. On top of everything, the chemistry between Park BoYoung and Park HyungSik will have you giggling to no end. It’s a story of the male lead falling first for the strong (literally) and charismatic female lead. “Strong Woman Do BongSoon” is an iconic drama that you should watch at least once.


10. “Suspicious Partner”

Top 12 Best K-Dramas About Heart-Fluttering Office Romance That You Should Add To Your Watchlist (2023 Update)


Cast: Ji ChangWook, Nam JiHyun, Choi TaeJoon, Kwon Nara

Summary: Prosecutor Noh JiWook meets prosecutor trainee Eun BongHee by chance on a subway and their lives remain intertwined since. BongHee becomes the false suspect of a murder and JiWook steps in as her lawyer and clear her of all charges. Once free, they work together to uncover the mysteries behind her false accusation.

Watch Because: Considering all the comedic scenes and hilarious one-liners that populate this drama, the office romance portion seems like a scrumptious dessert to the main course. Although there are elements of a murder mystery, the drama continues to remain light-hearted every second of the way. The end of each episode will leave you smiling and yearning for more of this addictive drama.


Top 12 Best K-Dramas About Heart-Fluttering Office Romance That You Should Add To Your Watchlist (2023 Update)


Cast: 2PM’s JunHo, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, and more

Summary: “King The Land” depicts the story of male protagonist Goo Won (JunHo), heir to a conglomerate who can’t stand the pretense of a smile. Beside him is the female protagonist Cheon SaRang (YoonA), who always wears a bright smile, even when she doesn’t want to. She hopes that one day she can truly smile.

Watch Because: Perhaps due to their shared history as idols, but JunHo and YoonA’s chemistry is off the charts. Everything from their childish bickering to loving glances stir a million butterflies to swarm your chest. You’ll begin to feel like you’re on cloud nine from all the romance that occurs within the drama. While they do travel abroad, much of their key moments happen within the workplace, at the hotel where they’re both employed. It’s a feel-good drama that you will want to revisit again and again.


12. “Crash Course In Romance

Top 12 Best K-Dramas About Heart-Fluttering Office Romance That You Should Add To Your Watchlist (2023 Update)


Cast: Jeon DoYeon, Jung KyungHo, and more

Summary: “Crash Course In Romance” depicts the story of former national athlete Nam HaengSeon (Jeon DoYeon) and star mathematics instructor Choi ChiYeol (Jung KyungHo). The two meet and while overcoming various obstacles and traumas, they start to fall in love.

Watch Because: “Crash Course In Romance” shows that love exists for people of all ages. The drama reiterates that it is never too late to pursue a romance that will make your heart beat a million miles an hour. Jeon DoYeon and Jung KyungHo’s portrayal of their characters is stellar and will have you grinning all episode long.


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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

The Secret Life Of My Secretary


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