Jeon DoYeon returns to the theater stage after 27 years: Confirmed appearance in ‘Cherry Orchard’

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The Korean theater scene is about to welcome a major event after a long wait. Actress Jeon DoYeon is making a comeback to the theater stage after 27 years. She is set to enchant the audience once again with her charm on stage by appearing in the play ‘Cherry Orchard,’ which will be held at the Seoul LG Art Center from June 4 to July 7, 2024. Jeon DoYeon’s return to the theater stage, after a long time crossing over movies and dramas since ‘Taming of the Shrew,’ is expected to be a significant event not only for the industry but also for her fans.

The actors joining Jeon DoYeon on stage are also notable figures. Park HaeSoo, known for ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Faust,’ Choi HeeSeo from ‘Anarchist from Colony,’ and Park YooRim from ‘Drive My Car’ are among the actors from various genres participating, raising expectations for ‘Cherry Orchard.’ Along with this casting news, there are reports of ticket sales booming, with most of the royal seats already sold out.

In addition, Park BoGum and Lee HeeJun are injecting new vitality into the theater world with their respective appearances in the creative musical ‘Let Me Fly’ and other theater stages. Particularly, Lee HeeJun, in a recent interview, shared news about the new performance by his theater company, revealing plans to present five consecutive creative performances with actors known for their excellent acting skills.

Thus, stars who have been active on TV and in films are returning to the theater and musical stages, continuing their passion for acting across various media. Starting with ‘Cherry Orchard,’ the Korean theater scene is anticipated to reach a new turning point, with much interest and expectation gathered around these activities. The return of Jeon DoYeon to the stage and the fresh wind in the theater world promise to write new stories worth watching.