IU Makes A Surprising Cameo In Lee Do Hyun’s New K-Drama “The Good Bad Mother”

What do you expect from “Hotel del Luna” co-stars!

K-Pop soloist IU is undoubtedly one of the most famous and loved celebrities in Korea. With her talent, visuals, and charming personality, IU has cemented every “Golden” nickname she is given and recently showcased her influence with a surprising cameo in a hot K-Drama.

K-Pop soloist IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

One of the hottest K-Dramas sweeping global audiences is The Good Bad Mother.

The series follows Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran), who is a single mother and is deemed “Bad” as she is strict with her son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun). All grown up, Kang Ho works as a prosecutor and is cold-hearted, turning turned away his mother until he has an accident which leads him to have a child-like personality.

The poster for “The Good Bad Mother” | JTBC

Since it started airing, the K-Drama has gained praise from netizens worldwide. In particular, Lee Do Hyun earned attention for his unreal transformation within the show.

A moment from the most recent episode gained attention after Lee Do Hyun hilariously mentioned the idol in a scene.

In the clip shared on social media, Lee Do Hyun’s character is talking with his mother while she is doing work. Suddenly out of nowhere, Lee Do Hyun asked his mother why she was so pretty.


Unsurprisingly, his mom was very happy, especially as Lee Do Hyun continued to say that she was even prettier than those on the television.


Out of nowhere, while praising Ra Mi Ran’s visuals, Lee Do Hyun said, “You’re even prettier than IU.”


When the clip was posted, netizens couldn’t get over the unexpected mention of the idol. While IU’s influence is undoubtedly huge, seeing it in a Netflix series was still surprising.

Yet, although it was funny enough to see IU be mentioned, netizens loved it even more as Lee Do Hyun starred alongside the idol and showcased their (sometimes heartbreaking) chemistry in the hit K-Drama Moon Hotel.

The show has already become a hot topic worldwide, with netizens praising Lee Do Hyun’s unreal acting throughout, along with the phenomenal supporting cast. Considering her influence and popularity, along with Lee Do Hyun’s history with the idol, it’s not surprising that IU was mentioned.

You can read more about the show below.

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