Infamous Ex-Trainee's Past As "Tenpro" Escort Resurfaces Amid Lee Sun Kyun's Drug Investigation

Infamous Ex-Trainee’s Past As “Tenpro” Escort Resurfaces Amid Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Investigation

The former trainee is also reportedly being investigated for illegal drug use.

Han Seo Hee‘s past statements about working at a high-class brothel has resurfaced amid Lee Sun Kyun‘s drug controversy.

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Recently, netizens and K-Drama fans all over the world were shocked to learn that Lee Sun Kyun is currently suspected of illegal drug use. Fans were then disappointed all over again when it was revealed that Lee Sun Kyun allegedly had taken the drugs at the house of a “Tenpro” escort.

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“Ten Pro” are exclusive adult establishments that are infamous in Korea for catering to only the richest in Korean society. The name “Tenpro,” which literally means 10% in Korea, was given to these establishments because it is said only the most beautiful 10% of women can work there.

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One known “Tenpro” worker who is currently under investigation in a related drug case is Han Seo Hee. Han Seo Hee is most infamously known for having done drugs with iKON’s B.I. and her lengthy trial with YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk.

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Amid the controversy, Han Seo Hee’s past statements about being a “Tenpro” have resurfaced. Previously, Yang Hyun Suk testified in court that he first met Han Seo Hee at a Tenpro brothel.

I left YG Entertainment and spoke with Han Seo Hee for about 20 minutes. I first met her at a Tenpro, so I thought she wanted to casually see me.

— Han Seo Hee

Han Seo Hee would also later reveal that she had worked at a “Tenpro.” When asked why she worked at one of these establishments, the former trainee revealed she couldn’t resist the amount of money they were making.

I was introduced to Yang Hyun Suk by Tenpro Madam Jung. I was given ₩2.00 million KRW (about $1,490 USD) for just sitting there for three hours, and it is because of this (money) that I started working there.

— Han Seo Hee

Meanwhile, netizens suspected that Lee Sun Kyun might have been involved with Han Seo Hee after it was revealed that the actor had frequented Tenpro establishments. To this, Lee Sun Kyun’s lawyer revealed that Lee Sun Kyun had never met Han Seo Hee or the Chaebol  implicated in this case.