Independent K-Rapper AQUINAS Releases First Single Since 2021

After dazzling and surprising fans with a complete change in his profile pictures across his numerous social media (SNS) platforms, the independent rapper, singer songwriter and composer AQUINAS would release his first single since previously releasing music in 2021 with the EP “It Doesn’t Matter” and the 2021 single and popular fan favourite, ‘LoveGame (feat. Choi YeGeun)’. 

Originally, Kang MinSoo began his journey into the Korean music scene by first appearing in the hip hop competition show of “Show Me The Money 5” in 2016. While he was eliminated in the first round, he later appeared on “High School Rapper 3” (Team B), where he won second place while working with the popular rapper Penomeco. The artist also released numerous tracks on his SoundCloud

It wouldn’t be long until he officially made his debut as a soloist and releasing music for his fans officially as ‘AQUINAS‘ on May 2nd 2020 with the pop and fun focused single ‘Oh!’ that showcased numerous colours of the rapper. 

It wasn’t be long until he would officially make his debut as a soloist on May 2, 2020 with the pop and fun focused single ‘Oh!’ that showcased new colours of the rapper. 

After what felt like a while of absence to fans, and since coming out as bisexual via his Instagram, the artist has slowly began to upload posts on his Instagram and slowly open up his comment section, thanking fans for their support for him and his music.

Although there are no announcements of any official MV, or behind the scenes clip has been posted as of yet, AQUINAS officially released ‘Left In The Memory’ (feat. misonyeon) or ‘Receive The Name In Memories’ (Korean Translated Title/Previous Title of the track). The official release can be streamed via Spotify. 

Are you looking forward to the new path of AQUINAS and possible new releases?