“I’m Still Waiting For You”: Netizens Believe Park Hyung Sik Is Sending A Message To Park Bo Young That He Still Loves Her With New Post

In 2017, viewers met and fell in love with Park Bo Young and ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik in K-Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (also known as Strong Girl Bong Soon) as the characters Do Bong Soon and An Min Hyuk, respectively.

Park Hyung Sik (left) and Park Bo Young (right)

Yet, they were falling in love both on and off-screen.

During this time, their chemistry led to dating rumors between the two. While they never dated, their feelings for each other were genuine.

Park Bo Young noona, I really loved you. You were that lovable. You were truly Bong Soon. Because you were the perfect Bong Soon, it was so natural for me to love you. I wanted to love you more, but I’m sad it’s over.

— Park Hyung Sik


Park Hyung Sik revealed in an interview that Park Bo Young was so lovable that filming the romantic scenes was natural. He didn’t want filming to end so that he could love her more.

Ahn Min Hyuk fell in love at first sight with Do Bong Soon, so I loved Do Bong Soon completely. Since I was adopting Ahn Min Hyuk’s emotions, our kiss scenes were really natural and nicely shot. I felt she was important and I cared for her. As their love became mutual, Ahn Min Hyuk’s genuine affection for her started showing. Of course, I think it was because Park Bo Young was so lovable.

— Park Hyung Sik

It was not a one-sided love, either. Park Bo Young confessed that she had been low-key crushing on Park Hyung Sik even before they met. To this day, Park Bo Young speaks positively of Park Hyung Sik, describing him as kind and cute.

I had my eye on Hyung Sik when he was an idol in ZE:A. I know all of the title tracks by heart, and Hyung Sik personally quizzed me to see my knowledge of the songs.

— Park Bo Young


Yet, Park Bo Young did not recognize Park Hyung Sik’s feelings for her. She explained that he treated everyone well and looked at even the director in the same loving way he did her.

Park Hyung Sik has a sweet gaze. If he had just looked at me like that, I would have swooned, but he even looked at the director in the same way.

— Park Bo Young


Fans have never given up hope on this ship, though. So, they were overjoyed when they heard that the two would finally be reuniting on screen, reprising their roles, in the spin-off series Strong Girl Nam Soon after six years.


Now, the wait is over, and their cameo appearance aired over the weekend in Episode 3. Park Bo Young shared a cute selfie with Park Hyung Sik, commemorating the reunion.

Bongsoon and Minhyuk will appear on Strong Girl Nam Soon today

— Park Bo Young

Likewise, Park Hyung Sik shared it and a behind-the-scenes photo of him and Park Bo Young taking the selfie together. Yet, netizens noticed an additional detail.

Bong Bong and Min Min to appear on Strong Girl Nam Soon today!

— Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik utilized the recently updated Instagram feature in which one can add a song to their post. He chose his “Wooga Squad” buddy BTS V‘s song “For Us.”

Netizens read the lyrics and couldn’t help but find parallels to Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young’s real-life relationship. They wonder if he is communicating that he is still waiting for her, much like his character Min Hyuk waited for Bong Soon.

I’m still waitin’ for ya
Will you change your mind?
I would give it all up
For us

I wish I could stay with you

— V, “For Us”

Knowing their history and undeniable chemistry, fans are still holding out hope that this couple will become a reality!

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