iKON Bobby’s “Entero” Series Reveals Artists To Be Featured On His New Song

iKON Bobby’s “Entero” Series Reveals Artists To Be Featured On His New Song

iKON Bobby’s “Entero” Series Reveals Artists To Be Featured On His New Song

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Entero‘, which was officially created back in 2022, revealed a new series starring and hosted by iKON’s Bobby and his producers The Proof. Throughout the entirety of the show, Bobby and his producers revealed to the audience that they were looking for the perfect voices for their next track. They were able to meet different artists within the Korean Music Scene in a comfortable environment and learn more about those artists. 

As previously described in the YouTube Channel’s about section, the show released episodes every Friday night at 6pm KST. After ‘EP 0’ was revealed, the show gained an impressive viewer range from 100K – 250K views throughout the 11 episodes. During his time on the show, Bobby met and spoke with the following artists: YOUNG POSSE, VIXEN, CLASS:y, xikers, The Dial Music (Do Hanse, DIVE and BIGONE), Bang Yedam, LimeLight, BM from KARD, Jung Soo Min, LE’V, Golden Child and more. 

Bobby and The Proof went through various artist application videos who hoped for a chance to appear on the program and to show their talents to the MCs to see if they would be the perfect fit for his track. 

On January 26th, 2024, Entero announced that among the several artists the crew, Bobby and The Proof, met throughout the show that the final conclusion had been made. The song itself, ‘True Love’, will be released February 2nd at 6:00pm KST, while next week on “Entero 2”, the special making of the official MV will be revealed. 

SunHye from the recently debuted girl group YOUNG POSSE, who made their debut on October 18th 2023 with the EP “MACARONI CHEESE”, was revealed to be the female voice on the track. While Cho KangSeok, better known as OVAN, will be the male vocal. He is a South Korean singer songwriter who debuted with the single ‘Fruit‘ in 2017. He is known for his tracks: ‘I Need You’, ‘I Am Yours’, ‘sleeplessness’, ‘Bitter Smile’ and ‘Snowflake’. 

Don’t forget to catch up on the different episodes in the series on Entero’s Official Series here, as well as catching the latest episode and official reveal below! Are you excited for this new track?

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