Idols Have To Pay For Legal Action Taken Against Hate Comments From Their Companies, According To Former MOMOLAND's Daisy

Idols Have To Pay For Legal Action Taken Against Hate Comments From Their Companies, According To Former MOMOLAND’s Daisy

“I would rather not pay for that.”

Legal action against online trolls and malicious commenters has long been a hot topic within the K-Pop industry, where idols often bear the brunt of hateful remarks and unwarranted criticisms. However, a recent revelation by former MOMOLAND member Daisy has raised eyebrows and stirred discussions amongst fans and industry insiders alike.

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In a series of tweets, Daisy candidly shared an unexpected and quite “funny” expense often borne by idols.

Her tweets shed light on the murky world of entertainment contracts, and the expenses often offset onto idols. While it might seem surprising that an idol should bear the cost of legal actions taken on their behalf, Daisy’s revelation underscores the intricacies and potential pitfalls of the idol-company relationship.

The discussions took a deeper turn when she further had to clarify that she simply did not want to take legal action against such comments and have to pay for it.

Totally get the ppl saying well who else’s money would it be coming from but like it would’ve been nice if there was an option to just not?

— Daisy on Twitter

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However, a fan was quick to voice their disagreement over such practice, saying that in the end the responsibility should fall on the company rather than the idols themselves. Daisy, in a prompt response, expressed her agreement, albeit cautiously.

Daisy’s words have become yet another revelation that underscores the need for transparency and fairness in entertainment contracts. Idols, particularly young and inexperienced ones, can often find themselves navigating contracts that have terms heavily favoring the agency. Expenses like these highlight a potentially exploitative dynamic, where artists bear not only the emotional brunt of malicious comments but also the financial toll of defending against them.

Fans across social media platforms have expressed their support for Daisy, with many demanding more transparent and ethical practices from entertainment companies. Many emphasize that a company’s primary role should be to protect and support their artists, both emotionally and financially.

This isn’t the first time the K-pop industry has been scrutinized for its practices, and Daisy’s brave reveal has only added fuel to ongoing debates. As K-Pop continues to grow globally, with its influence reaching far beyond South Korea’s borders, fans and activists alike hope to see a shift toward more artist-friendly contracts and practices.

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It remains to be seen how the ongoing debate surrounding idol contracts will shape the industry’s future, but one thing’s for sure: fans are watching closely, and they won’t remain silent. The hope is that by bringing such issues to light, changes will be made to ensure the welfare and protection of idols from all sides.