"I Was Beaten Because I Gained Weight" Popular Celebrity Makes Shocking Revelation About Her School Teacher

“I Was Beaten Because I Gained Weight” Popular Celebrity Makes Shocking Revelation About Her School Teacher

The celebrity revealed that the teacher was notorious for beating students.

Popular comedian and TV personality A hundred (also known as Jang Yoon Hee) revealed she was once hit by her High School teacher because she was overweight.

Mija (left) and her father Jang Gwan (right) | Sports KyungHyang

On May 8, Mija uploaded a video to her YouTube channel. In the video, Mija, who is shown with her mother, actress Jeon Seong Ae, revealed that she was beaten often during High School. For context, until recently, in Korea, teachers were allowed to physically reprimand students, even beating them.

Mija (left) and Jeong Seong Ae (right) | @mijapub/YouTube

In High School, the head teacher beat me all the time.

— One hundred

Jeon Seong Ae then expressed anger stating, “Why did (the teacher) hit someone else’s child?” to which Mija blamed her mother and then revealed that she was hit because she had gained weight.

| @mijapub/YouTube

I got hit because of you, Mom. When I went to the art academy, you fed me  things like udon and chicken feet every day. I gained so much weight that my uniform didn’t fit me. Women will know that if you gain weight, your skirt hikes up. I got hit a lot because my skirt was short. I was beaten because I had gained weight. Once, my button wouldn’t fit, so I used a clothespin, and I got hit because I didn’t button my shirt.

— One hundred

Mija then revealed that the teacher who hit her was notorious for beating students.

| @mijapub/YouTube

I’ve told this story before and in the comments, a lot of people wrote that they knew who the teacher was and wrote that they, too, were beaten by the same teacher.

— One hundred

Meanwhile, Mija is a comedian and actress who also runs a successful YouTube channel. The comedian is also famous for being the daughter of actors Jeon Seong Ae and Jang Gwangwho are both revered actors in Korea.