“HYBE Lies?” — Netizens Have Mixed Feelings After “Dream Academy” Contestant Spills On Her Sacrifices

“HYBE Lies?” — Netizens Have Mixed Feelings After “Dream Academy” Contestant Spills On Her Sacrifices

“HYBE Lies?” — Netizens Have Mixed Feelings After “Dream Academy” Contestant Spills On Her Sacrifices

She was one of the first eliminated.

Former Dream Academy contestant Adela recently talked about her experience on the show and her process before.

Adela | Dream Academy/Weverse

On August 20, The Debut: Dream Academy (also known as Dream Academy), a joint venture by HYBE and GEFFEN Records, introduced its 20 contestants. In addition to the global nature of the show, its differences from the average elimination program inspired some mixed feelings from netizens.

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Two elimination rounds have taken place, and following each, the contestant has become more active on their social media accounts, especially in the case of Adela, one of the first two to be eliminated.

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Adele recently addressed hate over her continued talking about the show, saying that because she dedicated so much of her time to the entire process, she would continue to “clout chase.” She also named some of her other sacrifices, including dropping out of high school.



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Why are you clout chasing, why are you still tagging Dream Academy. I was on that for two years. I don’t think you understand, I auditioned in November 2021. I dropped out of high school for this.

Like, there’s so many layers to this you don’t understand. […] I was training for two years almost and the first mission they get the chance to kick me out, they do. So it’s like […] But, anyways, it’s so much longer and deeper than you guys understand. Obviously, it’s not for me. I’m very happy that I actually didn’t get in because I would be really really unhappy, but still I’m just trying to get that little clout from it that I should have gotten.

— Adela

After her comments were discussed, Adele addressed the situation again, emphasizing that she spent two years of her life working with Dream Academy. 

Adele’s revelations about the entire audition process reminded fans of an alleged trainee’s words about what they went through, which included sudden changes to the process, including the alleged change to a survival show format.

Many have commented that the K-Pop audition and trainee process is harsh, with trainees being eliminated similarly without any airtime before it happens.

Others sympathize with Adele, naming the show’s alleged changes before it aired and the fact that some former contestants couldn’t move to another K-Pop company after being eliminated.