HYBE Labels’ “Zico’s K-Pop Boy Group” Set To Debut In May, And Reactions Are Mixed

Are you excited for a new boy group from HYBE?

Soloist Zico‘s self-made label, KOZ Entertainmentwas founded in 2019 and acquired by BIGHIT Entertainment in 2020, thus making Zico an artist under HYBE Labels.

Zico | KOZ Entertainment

In the past couple of years since then, there have been rumors and hints that KOZ Entertainment was in the process of creating its own K-Pop boy group, managed by Zico himself. And last November, Zico confirmed the upcoming boy group and shared his confidence in the project, though he didn’t give many details away at the time.

The specific concept is ambiguous to say. They will become a group that will present music which both the general public and fans can all enjoy.

— Zico

| KOZ Entertainment

On February 28, it was reported that the new boy group would make their debut in May! In response to the report, an official from KOZ Entertainment shared a statement.

We are gearing up for [the group’s debut in] the first half of this year. The exact debut date will be revealed after it is confirmed.

— KOZ Entertainment

KOZ Entertainment audition notice

In response to the announcement that Zico’s K-Pop boy group is coming, netizens shared their reactions with an overall positive outlook, although also some confusion on the status of Pledis Entertainment‘s alleged boy group in the works.

| Instiz

  • Wow!! Finally
  • Oh I’m excited
  • Oh Zico’s house is the first batter
  • Oh? Zico’s label is HYBE too?
  • Oh
  • I see, Zico’s label is first
  • People said before that Pledis’s next generation would come first
  • Eh? No they said Zico’s label in the first half of the year and Pledis in the second half

International fans shared their thoughts as well, including their hope that some former Trainee A members would debut in the group.

Jo Woochan | HYBE Labels

Not all of the responses from international netizens were positive, though. There are a number of K-Pop fans who aren’t fond of Zico, and are wary of what a boy group run by him might entail.

How do you feel about a new K-Pop group from KOZ Entertainment and HYBE Labels?

Source: Instiz and Pan Choa