How TripleS’s Agency, Modhaus, Lets Fans Make All The Decisions

TripleS’s label plans to expand the role of fans from mere consumers to decision making producers.

Modhaus is taking fan engagement to a whole new level, giving TripleS fans the power to make all the decisions. “Gone are the days of feeling left in the dark.” The label behind the up-and-coming TripleS believes that fans are the heartbeat of the K-Pop industry, and it’s time to acknowledge their invaluable role by allowing them to make important decisions regarding their favorite artists.

TripleS | Modhaus

It’s now become a fact that K-Pop has taken the world by storm in recent years, and fans have played a significant role in the industry’s growth. With their unwavering love and support, fans have created a booming fandom industry estimated to be worth a staggering $8 billion USD. The number of K-Pop fandom participants has surpassed one million and continues to grow rapidly. Recognizing the power of the fans, Modhaus aims to create a sustainable fandom by involving them in the decision-making process.

TripleS | Modhaus

According to the label, fan participation in the K-Pop industry has been limited to supporting the artist’s activities, streaming songs, and consuming provided content. While major entertainment companies have made efforts to enhance artist-fan communication, fans still feel disconnected from the decision-making process. Modhaus intends to change this by expanding the role of fans from mere consumers to “decision-making producers.”

Fandoms aren’t just something that the agency can control. It has a life of its own with members seeking to shape and nourish this niche of their own.

— Modhaus

TripleS’s “Acid Angels from Asia” subunit. | Modhaus

To achieve this, the K-Pop label has implemented various strategies to empower fans and increase their involvement. They have conducted votes to determine the unit member composition of TripleS and the main song selection for their album, , released in February. These decisions are made directly by the fans, giving them a voice in shaping the direction of their favorite artists’ careers. By actively involving fans, Modhaus believes that fans and artists can grow together in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Fans have proven time and again that they are more than consumers. Far from that, they are talented, passionate, and loyal producers. The growth of the fan industry is living proof of such talent. Therefore, it is only natural that we should give more authority to our fans.

— Modhaus

TripleS’s “+(KR)ystal Eyes” subunit | Modhaus

Transparency is another crucial aspect of Modhaus’ fan-participatory system. The agency acknowledges the past shortcomings of the industry in effectively communicating with fans, citing a notable Korean idol program’s voting fraud scandal as an example. To address this issue, Modhaus has developed a blockchain voting system called “Gravity.” Through the company’s mobile application, “COSMO: the origin,” fans can transparently record their votes. Through this approach, Modhaus aims to ensure that fans have a genuine influence in decision-making processes, building trust and strengthening the bond between fans and artists.

One of the voting “tournaments” on their app. | Modhaus

Through active two-way communication and collaboration with fans, Modhaus plans to create idols that “defy expectations” and shake up the entertainment industry. They believe that by empowering fans, increasing transparency, and building together, they can develop artists that truly resonate with their fanbase.