How NCT's Taeyong Writes Love Songs Despite Being Single

How NCT’s Taeyong Writes Love Songs Despite Being Single

The members all have their own interpretations.

NCT 127 recently made their comeback with their new album Fact Check. It includes fun, confidence-boosting songs like the title track but also sentimental love songs.

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So, in a recent interview with NME, some members talked about their inspiration for “Love Is A Beauty” (also known as “Star Poetry” or “Star’s Poetry”). Doyoung mentioned that the line “sparkling nine stars” can be interpreted as the fans looking at the members as the stars.

Mark and Taeyong, you worked with Taeil on writing that song. What were your inspirations or intentions behind ‘Love Is A Beauty’?


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Mark believes each member had different interpretations of the song while working on it. For him, he wrote about what he thought about love and how he thinks of it as beautiful.

Well, for me, I didn’t really discuss with Taeil about how I pictured our members, the nine of us, to be stars. I didn’t really get that idea. I guess we each had our own interpretations. So, for me, I feel like the title of the song really just mapped out how I should write this — what do I think of love? How do I think of it as beautiful? I realise that love does not really come easy, but loving you is easy for me. That was what I thought was beautiful and that’s how I wrote my part.

— Mark

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On the other hand, Taeyong explained that he doesn’t actually know much about love. So, he has to write love-based songs based on his knowledge from his love of the members and their fans, NCTzens.

I actually don’t know about love, but when I go out with my team and see our fans, NCTzens, [in] that time I’m leaning a lot of some kind of love. So I wanted that attitude, that kind of emotion in the lyrics.

— Taeyong

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Recently, Mark surprised fans with how he talked about other love songs from the new album. Read more below.

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