How Each BTS Member Celebrated BTS Suga’s 30th Birthday

No one loves Suga more than BTS!

BTS‘s Suga celebrated his 30th birthday on March 9. The birthday boy held a live broadcast via Weverse to celebrate with ARMYs.

BTS’s Suga | Weaver

His fellow members helped him celebrate his special day in different ways. Check them out below.

1. RM

The BTS leader shared a screenshot from Suga’s live broadcast via Instagram Stories, wishing him a happy birthday.

| @rkive/Instagram

Since Jin is in the military, he couldn’t post anything until after 6 PM. So, Jin posted “Yoongi-ah, happy birthday” at 6:26 PM (KST) in the comment section of Jungkook’s recent post.

| Weaver

| Weaver

J-Hope not only commented during Suga’s Weverse Live…

He posted a throwback photo with Suga!

yoongi hyung happy birthdaaayyyyyyy!!!
2011 vibe…
#Smile Angel _ That In and Of Itself
#That Time _ That Season

— J-Hope

Jimin left a lot of comments during Suga’s Weverse Live too…

He didn’t stop there, either. Jimin also shared a video of himself watching Suga’s Weverse Live.

5. V

While Suga was playing the guitar and serenading us, V was “singing along” in the comment section.

Jungkook might have joined late, but it’s the thought that counts. He also commented during Suga’s Weverse Live.

He was bummed that Suga never read one of his comments, so he also made a Weverse post.