“HOW AM I SO UNLUCKY?” 10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS V’s Solo Fanmeeting Announcement

Time to invest and book a flight to Korea.

BTS‘s V was recently announced as the new brand ambassador for SimInvestone of Indonesia’s biggest financing advisory firms.

In the live broadcast that revealed V as the ambassador, it was also shared that they are planning a solo fanmeeting with him in Korea in June.

Naturally, ARMYs are excited about the possibilities. So, check out 10+ of their reactions below.

1. Hold on a minute!

2. All the best things happen in June.

3. V is the best investment, after all.

4. Please, let us have one chance.

5. Life is ironic.

6. V solo album when?

7. Revealutirng our life choices…

8. Denial is a river in Egypt.

9. What even is life?

10. So happy for you…

11. Jealousy is a disease, and we have it.

Read more about V’s fanmeeting below.

BTS’s V To Soon Have His First-Ever Solo Fanmeeting

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