Here’s What Aespa Karina’s Visuals Are Actually Like Up Close IRL

Aespa‘s Karina recently tried her luck in a “Find the imposter game” as the only girl with an older sister in a room full of girls with older brothers. As everyone was isolated from one another, the others had no idea they were talking to a K-Pop idol!

When it came time to remove masks and reveal their identities, the girls couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a gorgeous superstar in front of them.

Everyone was frozen in shock and was immediately taken aback by her flawless visuals.

Up close and personal with Karina, they described her IRL visuals perfectly! She could only shyly laugh in response.

She looks like a game character. She doesn’t seem real!

Humble as always, Karina moved right on to discussing the game and finding out everyone’s identity from the chat.

At the end of the meeting, the girls took photos in an awkward and funny way like they would with their brothers.

They also acted close like sisters and took another photo!

In the group photo, Karina’s tall goddess like beauty is undeniable!

| Pixid

Watch the full episode below.