GyuBin Shines With Second Pre-Debut Single ‘Start To Shine (Feat. Gaeko)’

GyuBin Shines With Second Pre-Debut Single ‘Start To Shine (Feat. Gaeko)’

GyuBin Shines With Second Pre-Debut Single ‘Start To Shine (Feat. Gaeko)’

GyuBin, a rising star in the music industry, has unveiled her pre-debut single, ‘Scribble (Feat. Wonstein),’ today. The Liveworks Company artist, who has already turned heads with her extraordinary talent and youthful charm, is taking her first step into the music world.

GyuBin’s pre-release track, ‘Scribble’, is a heartwarming collaboration with Wonstein, the iconic artist representing the MZ generation. This enchanting pop ballad, marked by a vintage guitar introduction, explores the emotions of unrequited love, capturing experience of drawing someone’s face unconsciously even in dreams, and the pure affection that accompanies such doodles.


What makes ‘Scribble’ truly special is its endearing lyrics, which beautifully encapsulate the precious sentiments experienced while scribbling thoughts of a loved one. The song’s youthful and refreshing sensibility, courtesy of young GyuBin and MZ generation icon Wonstein, is sure to resonate with today’s teenagers and anyone who has weathered the storm of unrequited love during their adolescence.

Accompanying the release of the song is an equally heartwarming music video, which showcases the charming encounter between GyuBin and Wonstein. Their tender gazes and heartfelt singing promise to warm the hearts of all who watch.

Watch the music video of ‘Scribble’ below!

Check out GyuBin’s release message here as well!

GyuBin, in her pre-debut collaboration project, has demonstrated an impressive range of musical styles. Prior to her official debut, she hinted at her versatility by announcing upcoming collaborations with Gaeko of Dynamic Duo, one of Korea’s top Hip-Hop artists, and Kim JongWan, the vocalist of NELL, a K-Pop band renowned for its unmatched sensibility.

GyuBin’s ‘Scribble’ featuring Wonstein is now available on streaming platforms.

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