"Group Chat?!" BTS Jungkook's Has ARMYs Confused With A Very Personal Question About Himself

“Group Chat?!” BTS Jungkook’s Has ARMYs Confused With A Very Personal Question About Himself

Jungkook forgot ARMYs aren’t literal BTS members.

It is no lie that BTS‘s Jungkook has the sweetest relationship with ARMYs, but he might have forgotten that they’re not actually BTS members.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

On November 14, ARMYs were surprised when they got a special announcement from Weverse. In the post, the BTS fan manager explained that Jungkook will be holding a special Q&A later in the month… but the plot twist is that Jungkook will be asking ARMYs the questions.

| BTS/Weverse

In the post, there was a small letter from the idol:

| BTS/Weverse

When ARMYs click on the link in the instructions, they are taken to a Google Form in Korean and English. As expected, there are some truly adorable questions that allow ARMYs to share their love of Jungkook.

Whether it’s about a word that comes to mind when they think of him or what food they’d eat together, it was delulu central.

Yet, one particular question had fans confused and LOL’ing at the same time. While many were general questions that fans could easily answer…

One made fans think Jungkook forgot who they were.

Among the questions, one hilariously asked ARMYs, “What was the last thing I said in the group chat with the members?” If it wasn’t wildly specific, Jungkook assumed ARMYs had access to BTS’s group chat, which wasn’t the case.

When the questions were posted, ARMYs couldn’t get enough of that one question. Many joked that Jungkook forgot that while he is close with ARMYs, they aren’t members and definitely don’t have the group chat. In fact, the only “group chat” ARMYs have any access to is when the members comment on Instagram (which Jungkook doesn’t have anymore.)

While ARMYs definitely won’t know the answer, it’s sweet that Jungkook thinks of the bond so close that he just assumes they’d know.

Source: GoogleForms and Weverse