GOT7’s BamBam Addresses His Relationship Status In The Most Honest Way

GOT7‘s BamBam revealed his current relationship status!

GOT7’s BamBam

Korean American soloist Jessi recently guested on BamBam’s online show Bam’s House, where he invites Korean celebrities to his house, prepares a meal for them, and interviews them. She revealed to him her morning routine, explaining she enjoys her quiet alone time.

I’ll tell you my routine. I woke up. Everything has to be quiet.

— Jessi

| 뱀집/YouTube

Although Jessi relishes her time alone, she does get lonely. She confessed that she doesn’t have a boyfriend currently.

I like the time I spend alone. I’m lonely, but I don’t have a boyfriend, so…

— Jessi


Curiously, Jessi asked BamBam if has a girlfriend. He was taken aback, laughing nervously. BamBam said that he obviously did not have a girlfriend. Otherwise, he couldn’t host his show at home.


Jessi: Do you have a girlfriend?

BamBam: Me? No. If I do, do you think I would bring people in like this?

Jessi tried to find out more information, including who he last dated. Yet, BamBam was not saying. He was too surprised that someone asked even more “sensitive” questions than him.


Jessi: Who’s your latest girlfriend? He also answered back.

BamBam: It’s my first time being asked in opposite. I actually ask questions that could sound a bit sensitive to the guest. But it’s my first time being asked in opposite.

Previously, BamBam stated that if he were to get into a relationship, he would honestly reveal it to his fans. Read more below.

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