Golden Child's DongHyun And His Love For KartRider: From Casual Fan To Master

Golden Child’s DongHyun And His Love For KartRider: From Casual Fan To Master

Off the stage, K-Pop idols have tons of hobbies that they like to invest their free time into. There are artistic idols who like to do activities such as painting or photography. There are also idols who love to exercise and sweat it out at the gym. Then there’s those that love to play video games into the late hours of the night.

Golden Child’s DongHyun falls into the third category, but most especially for the game KartRider. Many fans already know of his intense love for the game that has dated back to the time he was little. The idol has even expressed his desire to shoot a KartRider advertisement sometime during his career.

Although he’s busy as an idol, there are various instances where DongHyun has been able to show off his love for the game.

One of the first places DongHyun was able to show off his love for KartRider was through Golden Child’s official YouTube channel! He showed off his skills against fellow member SeungMin. It’s probably no surprise that DongHyun ended up winning every round, proving that all his years of playing paid off! You can totally see the determination in DongHyun’s eyes while playing the game.

2. “2020 Idol Star eSports Championship – Chuseok Special”

2020 Idol Star eSports Championship – Chuseok Special” included widely popular games PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and KartRider. And of course DongHyun could be found in the KartRider segment. During the speed team round, the idol was able to come out in first place, but due to other players finishing before his team, DongHyun was unable to move onto the finals. The Golden Child member definitely showed his gaming prowess and that he’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his favorite game.

3. KartRider: Hidden Racer

On March 1st, the idol appeared on KartRider Drift League’s official YouTube channel as a cast member for their program “Hidden Racer“. On the show, DongHyun is referred to as a KartRider Master, something that not even he could have imagined as an idol singer. Many fans were ecstatic to see DongHyun on a program about one of his most beloved hobbies. We can’t wait to see more KartRider content from DongHyun in the near future!

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