Girl Crush: Girls’ Generation’s TaeYeon Is The Bias Everyone Will Envy You For Stanning And Here’s Why

If Girls’ Generation’s TaeYeon is your bias/girl crush then ‘INVU’ (read as ‘I envy you’).

TaeYeon is famous as a member of the legendary girl group Girls’ Generation. She is one of the most popular K-Pop idols in the Korean general public and is adored the world over by international fans. TaeYeon is always the center of praise for her artistry, influence, and more.

But what exactly makes her a girl crush? Let’s find out in today’s article.

A ‘girl crush’ is defined as a woman or girl who is the object of one’s admiration. In other words, one of the female K-Pop idols or Korean actresses that fans wish was their best friend or girlfriend. This can be based on their style, personality, overall vibe, etc.

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Welcome to the seventy-ninth article of Kpopmap’s weekly series “Girl Crush“!

Let’s get to know our girl crush, TaeYeon!

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TaeYeon is a K-Pop idol with many superlatives attached to her name. If she is not considered the ‘vocal queen’ of K-Pop or the ‘representative female K-Pop idol’ then she is being praised for her other multitude of talents. Let’s dive into them today!

Vocally, there are not enough words on the internet to describe her perfect vocals. Whether she is killing an upbeat performance or singing a thoughtful and emotional ballad, her vocal color is indescribable and leaves the listener in awe.

It might be difficult to describe but we’ll give it our best shot. TaeYeon’s voice is the embodiment of crystal-clear richness. It has a soft quality that can switch up into a powerful and stirring force. Her voice doesn’t just convey lyrics, it tells a story and more than anything conveys a feeling. She can sing any genre and make it sound like she invented it.

There is no better video to sum up her vocal prowess than this episode of “Killing Voice“.

This brings us to her stage presence… In the same way that her voice will make you feel some type of way, her performance and stage presence will do the same. She naturally stands out with her gorgeous vocals and the way that she looks like she was born to be on stage.

Check out this ‘Step Back’ fancam.

Aside from her onstage activities as an idol, she is also renowned for her personality on variety shows and as an MC. This is all thanks to her amazing personality. Although she appears quiet and reserved, she can be quite outgoing, hilarious, and witty. She is eloquent and still playful and easygoing. In fact, she is the kind of idol that everyone would want to be best friends with.

Her visuals are goddess-like and boast a striking duality. Depending on her makeup and hairstyling, she can either look like a gentle and delicate beauty or a fierce visual. She looks stunning onstage/onscreen but many idols have noted that she is even more beautiful in person.

If you combine her stunning visuals and stellar personality, there’s no doubt how she has gotten so many brand deals throughout her career. She has been a PR and fashion ambassador for countless brands, boosting their image with her lovability. We were going to use the word likability but it seems too much like an understatement because she is so lovable.

Lastly, as a leader, TaeYeon has been described by her fellow members as a reliable glue that keeps the group together and coherent. She has always taken care of the members, especially looking after their best interests regardless of what others might say. She is not afraid to stand up for her members and fans no matter what. This fearless leadership is what has led many to dub her one of the best leaders in K-Pop. It has not always been easy for her but she has stood strong despite it all.

It is safe to say that thanks to her illustrious career and lovely personality, she is a role model not only to other K-Pop idols but also to her fans. Many fans always talk about the positive influence that she is to them and we can totally see why!

There are more reasons to love her, but these are just a few.

What do you think? Do you have a girl crush on TaeYeon?

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