Fromm Studio Releases OnlyOneOf Pictorials And Here

Fromm Studio Releases OnlyOneOf Pictorials And Here’s Everything To Know About Them Since Their Last Release ‘dOpamine’

2024 kicked off with a bang for many fans of the group OnlyOneOf, who are referred to as ly0n. They were greeted with the news that 5 track EP “Things I Can’t Say lOve” would officially be released, as well as the warm announcement that OnlyOneOf will have an official world tour! The group will be performing in multiple cities like Japan, Canada, USA, and more. 

Due to this recent announcement, and news that VIP tickets for their fansigns at different locations selling out quickly ias well as a chance for a picture with the members, many fans within the K-Pop community have been diving into their discography and have several questions about the group, who the members are, fan favorite tracks, popular B-Sides, and more.

Since then, Fromm Studio has also released a set of pictorials making a lot of people turn their eyes towards the group. Some fans even mentioning that because of the recent challenges for their song ‘dOpamine’ with their bias, they were able to discover OnlyOneOf. Some examples of this include ATEEZ’s YunHo & MinGi with OnlyOneOf’s Mill, THE BOYZ’s Eric fwith Junji and Mill, and Mill doing the challenge with the members of CIX.

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OnlyOneOf debuted as a seven member boy group and officially became the first underneath 8D Creative on May 28th, 2019 with their debut releases, ‘time leap’ and ‘savanna’. These appeared on the 3 track EP “dot point jump Vol.1“. They later went on to release: “dot point jump Vol 2“, “line sun goodness“, “unknown art pop 2.1“, “yours only 2.2“, “Produced by [ ], Part 1”, “Produced by [ ] Part 2”. Park JiSung (Love) also took part in creating single tracks with the group for “Produced by [myself]”.

It was around this time that fans learned of Love’s departure from the group and official removal as a member of OnlyOneOf from the official fan cafe, along with the removal of his fan letters, leaving many fans concerned and worried for the member. Many even saved and screen recorded any OnlyOneOf and Love Interactions, along with their favorite comfort livestreams and vlogs from the official SNS pages while waiting for a proper statement from both the company and member himself. 

Later, it was revealed that Love officially departed from the group in August 2021, leaving many fans wondering about his whereabouts and reasonings for the departure. However, in one of the conversations held on OnlyOneOf’s sub reddit, many still talked about this issue, and how they assumed he was fulfilling his military service, and focusing on other things.

Currently, however, many fans are still supportive of the six member boy group as they continue to find themselves, work through hardships of losing their official leader, member, and friend, while promoting themselves within the music scene and through their various releases. These include but are not limited to: ‘gaslighting’, ‘skinz’, ‘suit dance’, ‘chrOme arts’, ‘chrOme hearts’, and most recently: ‘things I can’t say lOve’, ‘candy bOmb’, ‘seOul drift’, ‘EVERGREEN’, and ‘dOpamine’. 

Currently, OnlyOneOf have been promoting their latest and most recent release “Things I Can’t Say LOve“, which is an EP that contains the following 5 tracks: ‘things i can’t say l0ve – Instrumental’, ‘dOpamine’, ‘give me the l0ve, bitxx’, ‘O’, and ‘gravity’. The EP was released on January 10th, 2024. 

Throughout the promotion of the EP, fans have mentioned the group’s confidence in their most recent performances, and how all the members have been standing out. Most recently in various conversations, fans have loved the attention Rie, JunJi, and YooJung have been gaining since the release alongside the other members. 

Don’t forget to check out the official pictorials above, and check out OnlyOneOf’s most recent performance on the platform below! What did you think of this latest comeback? Has there been any that have been your favorite? 

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