"Fourth Generation Mind": LE SSERAFIM's Kazuha Dishes On Her Ideal Type

“Fourth Generation Mind”: LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Dishes On Her Ideal Type

With each comeback, THE SSERAFIM is cementing their position as one of the strongest girl groups in fourth-generation K-Pop. As their fanbase spreads exponentially with time, more and more people are getting curious to know the members beyond their professional persona.

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Kazuha is undoubtedly one of those rookie idols who stole the show as soon as they stepped into the K-Pop scene. Her extensive background as a ballerina added such a charm to her popular appeal that people were immediately drawn. Her mellower temperament adds a mysterious aura to her, which only makes fans more curious to get to know her better.

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Fansigns are one of the best opportunities for fans to do that, and a curious Fearnot didn’t miss this chance. On May 19, LE SSERAFIM held a fansign event for Music Korea, and one of the attendees shared their interaction with Kazuha on Twitter. The OP (Original poster) said that they asked Kazuha about her ideal type, one of those quintessential questions that every K-Pop idol has to answer at some point in their life.

Kazuha, however, didn’t give a cliched answer at all. In response to the OP, she first asked them to specify if they wanted to know her ideal type in men or women. When OP said they wanted to know about her taste in general, the singer replied that she prefers someone with their own thoughts and opinions.

I asked Kazuha if she has an ideal type, and she asked back, ‘Man? Or woman?’ When I said I wanted to know in general, she replied ‘Someone who has their own opinions?’

—@39_kamja, Twitter

Fans were taken aback by her cross-question and praised Kazuha for her mindset. Even though South Korea is slowly progressing in addressing its LGBTQ+ communities, it is still not easy to talk about it from the restrictive position of a K-Pop idol. But since Kazuha mentioned it so casually, a lot of her queer fans feel acknowledged and seen.

South Korea is opening up one step at a time, I see.

—OP in the above tweet

Fourth generation female idols have fourth-generation minds.

—OP in the above tweet