Find Out The MBTI Personality Types Of The Triple I’z Members

Find Out The MBTI Personality Types Of The Triple I’z Members

Find Out The MBTI Personality Types Of The Triple I’z Members

Triple I’z is a multinational K-Pop project group made up of members Dita, E.Ji, and Aria. In collaboration with SK Telecom’s global metaverse platform, ifland, the idols are coming together from three separate girl groups, and are gearing up to leave an impact on a global level. Using their talent and becoming a symbol for their countries back home, they hope to make a mark as members of Triple I’z.

With news of this new project group, even K-Pop enthusiasts are growing curious and want to learn more about Triple I’z. They’ve searched everything from their hometowns to even MBTI. Now, if you’re also curious about their personality types, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out the MBTI personality types of the Triple I’z members down below.


Dita – ISFP (Adventurer)

Triple I’z Official

The ISFP personality type is the Adventurer. Those with this personality type “tend to have open minds, approaching life, new experiences, and people with grounded warmth. Their ability to stay in the moment helps them uncover exciting potentials.”

The Adventurer is described as a true artist, as they see life itself as a canvas for self-expression. “Adventurers act in ways that vividly reflect who they are as unique individuals.” They are “driven by curiosity and eager to try new things. People with this personality often have a fascinating array of passions and interests.”


E.Ji – ISTJ (Logistician) / ISFJ (Defender)

Find Out The MBTI Personality Types Of The Triple I'z Members

Triple I’z Official

E.Ji has received both ISTJ and ISFJ. When she’s working, she more closely resembles ‘T’. However, in her daily life, she’s more of an ‘F’.

The ISTJ personality type is referred to as the Logistician. These people tend to be “reserved yet willful, with a rational outlook on life. They compose their actions carefully and carry them out with methodical purpose.

The ISFJ personality type is the Defender. People with this personality type tend to be warm and unassuming in their own special way. “They’re efficient and responsible, giving careful attention to practical details in their daily lives.”


Aria – INFP (Mediator)

The INFP personality type is referred to as a Mediator. Those with this personality type “tend to be quiet, open-minded, and imaginative, and they apply a caring and creative approach to everything they do.

Although they may seem quiet or unassuming, Mediators (INFPs) have vibrant, passionate inner lives. Creative and imaginative, they happily lose themselves in daydreams, inventing all sorts of stories and conversations in their minds. These personalities are known for their sensitivity – Mediators can have profound emotional responses to music, art, nature, and the people around them.”

Do you share the same MBTI personality type with any of the Triple I’z members?