Find Out The MBTI Personality Types Of The Red Velvet Members

Find Out The MBTI Personality Types Of The Red Velvet Members

Find Out The MBTI Personality Types Of The Red Velvet Members

As we all know it is the Christmas season and everyone decorated their Christmas trees, houses with fairy lights, started baking cookies, visit their family homes etc. We all know Christmas is a festival of joy and love but what’s a Christmas without a good playlist which you wanna listen to while sipping on hot chocolate, right? So here are some K-Pop Christmas songs for all the K-Pop fans around the world to add to their Christmas playlist.

P.S. Trust me you’re going to love these songs.


1. Stray Kids – ‘Christmas EveL’

At this point of time STAYs have already heard this song for more than 50 times maybe, this song is the perfect energy booster Christmas song to add to your Christmas playlist.

“ Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad I can feel the evil coming but Felix, never bad.” Add this song to your Christmas playlist and make Felix happy!

P.S. You’re going to have a Felix Navidad Christmas.


2. TWICE – ‘Merry & Happy’

This song by TWICE came out 5 years ago but it’s still one of fans’ favourite songs to play during Christmas time. It’s a Christmas masterpiece. The unique and sweet voices of the members make this song happier. It might be ‘Talk Talk’ or ‘POP’ era but this song still sounds the best during Christmas.



3. BTS’ V – ‘Christmas Tree’

Another masterpiece. This song I cannot explain how deep and calming this song is. If you’re feeling lonely during this Christmas or couldn’t visit your family for your job or if you’re studying in some other country away from your family just listen to this song, it’ll just give you peace and you’ll feel less lonely. This song might not be an energetic Christmas song but it’s one of the most beautiful Christmas songs.

P.S. V’s birthday is coming so stream this song more ARMYs!!


4. NMIXX – ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’

Another masterpiece by NMIXX. This is such a cute Christmas song and a perfect one to add to your playlist as well. NMIXX songs get better and better. The MV is also so good from the members dancing in beautiful colorful dresses, the MV is just as cute as the song.

P.S. We miss you JinNi and Have a funky Glitter Christmas.


One of the best collabs between two amazing SM groups. Both groups are such talented and their unique voices just add more feels to this Christmas song. Just as the name suggests ‘Beautiful Christmas’, the song also lives up to the name.

P.S. aespa and Red Velvet have the best interactions in this song MV.


This song is one of the oldest ones on this list. This song is all about beautiful vocals If you’re into soft, slow, not-so-energetic Christmas songs this one is perfect for you to add to your playlist.

P.S. We need a new TTS Christmas album.


7. THE BOYZ – ‘Christmassy!’

Even if you don’t listen to THE BOYZ you still definitely need to add this song to your Christmas playlist asap! This song is just the best. That’s it!!

This song is going to make you smile no matter what.


The opening of the song with Mark’s sweet voice “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way” is the best way to start a Christmas song. This song will give you the feels that joy is back, and Christmas is back. The perfect song to play on Christmas eve.

P.S. Joy to the world.


9. LABOUM – ‘Winter Story’

Maybe this song won’t give you exact Christmas feels but will definitely give you winter feels. The aesthetics and vocals in this song are just unique.

P.S. May your Christmas be like the ‘Winter Story’.


10. EXO – ‘Miracles in December’

And this is the last song that made into the list. Such a beautiful song that it will make you wish for a miracle to happen in December. Not a song to make oyu feel it’s Christmas but believe me you’ll not regret listening to it.

P.S. I hope a miracle happens in your lives this December.

Have a Merry Christmas!



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