Find Out The Favorite Food Of ENHYPEN Members

Find Out The Favorite Food Of ENHYPEN Members

ENHYPEN are a group that absolutely tear it up for every performance. Their tireless efforts earn heaps of praise from fans and non-fans alike. To top it off, they’ve been steadily growing in popularity since their time as trainees. They’ve definitely grown, physically and in talent, showing a different image compared to their time on “I-LAND”.

But in order to keep up with their busy schedule, the idol group needs to eat. And I mean, who doesn’t like food? ENHYPEN have often shared information about their favorite food. Whether it was through an interview, pre-planned YouTube content, or a live stream, there were many instances which ENHYPEN talked about what they like to eat. If you are curious what those specific foods are, you’ve come to the right place!

Down below are some of the members’ favorite foods.

BELIFT LAB / Maangchi

The adorable idol has been very vocal about his love for mint chocolate ice cream. But aside from the delicious dessert, he has stated that his soul food would have to be ddeokbokki. He’s stated that he could eat the spicy snack at any time of the day.

Find Out The Favorite Food Of ENHYPEN Members

BELIFT LAB / The Spruce Eats

Ni-Ki is the maknae of the group, so he’s still a growing boy — and growing boys need to eat! One of Ni-Ki’s favorite foods is none other than dumplings, or in this case, mandu. His love for the tasty treat even has fans referring to him as a baby mandu. You know what they say, you are what you eat!

HeeSeung’s choice is one that everyone loves, especially as a late night snack. This ENHYPEN member’s favorite food is none other than ramen. If you ever need a late night ramen buddy, HeeSeung would be the perfect person to eat with.

Jay’s favorite food is corn. This might come as a surprise to newer fans, but he does have a reason for it! On an episode of “EN-TER key”, Jay shares that he would always eat a can of buttered corn in the morning before going to school. He must get a sweet rush of nostalgia with every kernel he eats!

Jake has often cited different things as his favorite food over the years. But one of his top choices is a delicious bowl of galbitang. Now just hearing those words are enough to make our stomachs growl.

JungWon is a simple man as his favorite food is curry! Aside from ramen, his choice seems extremely practical and easy to cook. With the three minute packets of instant curry on shelves everywhere, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to have curry for dinner every night.

SungHoon is all about his protein. This is important in maintaining his muscles, fit physique, and overall strength. So it should come as no surprise to learn that one of his favorite foods is steak! Even our mouths are salivating from SungHoon’s great choice!

Based on these food choices, which ENHYPEN member would you want to eat with? Let us know in the comments!