Finally, BTS J-Hope’s BT21 Character Mang Took Off The Mask

It’s the face reveal we’ve all been waiting for!

BTS‘s J-Hope has been working consistently on creating a design for his BT21 character Carry without a mask. In the previous episode, J-Hope decided on Mang’s true species.

In the new video, Mang sits as he reflects back on his memories throughout the past few years.

Recalling words from his dance mentor Conn and thinking about his journey along side the others in BT21, Mang knows the time has come!

Once you realize that it’s not about meeting others’ standards, take off the mask and reach for the top flight!

— Conn

Mang stands up and removes his mask, tying it around his neck as a bandana.

His true face is finally revealed — Check out the adorable squirrel!

RJ then appears to offer him some tea as the two watch the sunrise together.

Mang’s design is both super cute and meaningful, making it the perfect choice.

UNISTARS are so proud of Mang! Check out the full video below.