“Fan Since Even Pre-Debut:” LØREN Spills On What It Was Like Working With BLACKPINK

He also opened up about the other K-Pop group that inspires him.

THE TEACHER is one of the talented artists under YG Entertainment‘s The Black Label.

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Although LØREN is one of the musicians who participate in production and songwriting for artists like BLACKPINK and Finnshe also produces and performs his own music, which he is currently promoting in the U.S.

And LØREN has even shown off his acting skill before when he participated in BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” music video, which he’d also worked on the production for.

LØREN and BLACKPINK’s Lisa | YG Entertainment

In a recent interview with Billboard, LØREN opened up about what it was like to work with BLACKPINK on such an iconic song.

With BLACKPINK, they needed a certain set of lyrics that are both in tune with how the song was written originally and how it’s going to sound in Korean, right? I don’t want to flatter myself, but I think what I did kind of did that role, so…


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And LØREN even admitted that he’d been a fan of BLACKPINK since before their debut, so “It’s been amazing” for him to work with the group.

It’s been amazing. And I’ve been a fan since even pre-debut, so it’s been a dream to work with them and interact with them musically. Whether it be the Instagram live with Rosé or just being in the studio with them, hearing their stories and whatnot.


LØREN and BLACKPINK’s Rosé | Billboard/YouTube

LØREN also shared that BLACKPINK aren’t the only K-Pop artists he’s been a long-time fan of; BIGBANG also inspires him as an artist to the point where he even takes notes on their music videos.

I know it’s kind of, I guess, cliche in a way, but I’ve always been such a big fan of BIGBANG. I still go back to their music a lot, I still go through their music videos, and I try to write down notes on what made them so special.


Of course, LØREN boasts his own captivating style for his music, and fans can look forward to any future work between LØREN and YG Entertainment artists.

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