Fan Interview Highlights: Reasons Why AROHA Entered The Fandom

ASTRO have solidified themselves in the K-Pop industry and have thousands of avid listeners scattered across the globe. Although their fandom is large and great, it can be difficult for those fans to connect with one another. Luckily at Kpopmap, fellow fans are able to gather and share more about their favorite group(s) and bias with our readers! This is made possible due to the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project!

These individuals respond to a series of questions and share interesting tidbits about their favorite idols, while sharing their unique fan experience. With the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project, there are numerous stories and quotes that showcase the long-lasting impact K-Pop has had on their lives.

This week, we take a look at what some AROHA, fans of the talented idol group ASTRO, had to say about their favorite group!

Here are some highlights from AROHA that tell the reasons why they entered the fandom!

1. Discovery Through YouTube Recommended

Sometimes all it takes is some browsing on YouTube to find the ultimate group to follow and stan. That’s certainly the case for Indian AROHA Ishani Nandy. Originally a passionate K-Drama fan, she says that her first discovery of ASTRO was “when YouTube recommended me their ‘Knock’ MV”. Through this miraculous chance, she was able to find the idol group’s charms and become a dedicated AROHA!

2. Hypnotizing Dance Performances

For some fans like Chithra Ravi, it might take a while to become interested in an idol group. She first discovered ASTRO through their song, ‘Always You’. Although it was catchy and memorable, she did not search more about them. Then, Chithra came across a few dance performances that jumpstarted her journey as an AROHA. The charisma they exude on the dance floor is reason enough to stan the amazing idol group.

3. Addictively Good Music

Aside from amazing visuals and wonderful personalities, a major selling point for K-Pop groups is their music. For ASTRO, they have a discography spanning across eight mini-albums and three full-length albums. French AROHA Candice describes their songs as incredible and the reason why she entered the fandom. And we would have to agree — their music is amazing! Just one song will have you dancing in and out of your seat!

4. Pre-Debut Web Drama


Even prior to debut, idols are able to gain fans through various means. For ASTRO, they featured in a pre-debut web drama titled “To Be Continued“. It was by watching this drama that Filipino AROHA Ky became interested in the actors on the small and discovered “that they’re actually a group called ASTRO”. Upon making this realization, she decided to “stan them right at that moment”. To be with ASTRO for so long is certainly sweet and heartwarming!

More than likely, many AROHA have seen Cha EunWoo prior to entering the fandom. The ASTRO member is a complete heartthrob and has gained immense fame through his various K-Drama roles. This is the case for Canadian AROHA, Fifi, who previously watched popular series, “True Beauty“. It was from there that her interest in Cha EunWoo, and ASTRO, began. A few dramas and a few songs later, she became a dedicated fan of the amazing boy group.

These are only a few quotes from AROHA about their favorite idol group ASTRO. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and the rest of our lovely Kpopmap readers!

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