Fan Interview Highlights: Quotes From CARAT On Why SEVENTEEN Are Their Favorite Group

Fan Interview Highlights: Quotes From CARAT On Why SEVENTEEN Are Their Favorite Group

Fan Interview Highlights: Quotes From CARAT On Why SEVENTEEN Are Their Favorite Group

One of K-Pop’s current hottest boy groups, SEVENTEEN have made a name for themselves with the quality and dedication of their music and their entertaining personalities. Now as an eight year old group, they have a large fandom that is still growing. Each fan in the CARAT fandom falls deeper for the group everyday and want to share what SEVENTEEN means to them.

The Kpopmap Fan Interview Project is a place for passionate fans like CARAT to talk about their favorite group and their bias. By answering several questions, they are free to talk about any aspect they wish regarding being a fan.

This week, we take a look at what several CARAT had to say about their favorite group, SEVENTEEN.

Here are quotes from CARAT on why SEVENTEEN are their favorite group.


1. Self-produced idols pouring their all into their music and performances

When thinking about SEVENTEEN, their title of ‘self-produced idols’ often comes to mind first. All aspects of the group’s work, from the songs to the choreography, are created by the members, alongside other producers including Bumzu

When Filipino CARAT Julia first got into the group, she was impressed and amazed that even in their rookie days they were self-produced. “WooZi, the vocal team’s leader is behind 99.9% of ALL of SEVENTEEN’s discography… He does everything from composing, producing, record directing, and of course, writing the most sentimental & poetic lyrics. Hoshi choreographs their dances, which also led them to be THE synchronized kings.”

As self-produced idols creating their discography to fit their vision, their love for their job as idols is visible in each of their performances. As Julia says, “you won’t see a group of boys JUST dancing and singing, but they also perform with emotions, with sincerity…They are very hands-on to keep their works as sincere and sentimental as possible.” Speaking more specifically about her bias, Hoshi, she points out that “you’ll see him owning the stage like there’s no tomorrow, giving his 1700% in dancing, singing, rapping, and screaming under the spotlight.”


2. The positive influence of their music

Not only are SEVENTEEN’s music and performances captivating, they also spread positive influence in their fans’ lives. Argentinian CARAT Katherine’s life is “even brighter and stronger” because of SEVENTEEN’s songs. She says “they have helped me in some way to discover new dreams, and feel that I am not alone in it. So, even if I don’t realize it, sometimes I remember his lines, or some part of my favorite songs.” Sometimes life can be difficult and it can be hard to stay motivated but for Katherine, SEVENTEEN’s music makes her “feel recharged with energy every time.”

SEVENTEEN have influenced US CARAT Oluwatosin’s life in a similar way. Struggling to love herself, she had been doing it tough and was in a dark place but through SEVENTEEN’s music, she was able to bring herself out of the darkness. She says that their music “has taught me the value to keep going even when life gets tough. I am so grateful that I found them. They have also inspired me to keep going.”


3. Their chemistry and bond as a group

Often when people learn that SEVENTEEN has 13 members, they are surprised that with so many members they manage to cooperate and develop such longlasting bonds, both in their job as idols and as friends to each other. The group’s bond is one of the greatest reasons that their fans love them because it brings them joy to see the members live their dreams together and support each other. 

Buthaina, a CARAT from the UAE, says “their friendship makes my day every time, even if it’s just a picture or a short video… and it makes me super happy as a CARAT to see them create unforgettable memories with one another and seeing them have each other’s backs for support makes it really special.”

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Fans like Filipino CARAT Julia also admire their relationship for their ability to respect each other and be considerate of personality differences. “If you think about it, usually if there are more members in a group, there are more differences and various personalities they must consider, which is true. SEVENTEEN had their fair share of misunderstandings. They told us all sorts of fights they went through with each other. But look at them now. Their bond is so strong that it feels like you can never break them apart.”


4. The fandom, sense of community and how they bring people together

One of the great things about K-Pop groups is their ability to bring people together through a shared passion for their beloved idols. For Filipino CARAT Rachel De Vera, loving SEVENTEEN has been a force of familial connection. When her daughter introduced SEVENTEEN to her in 2020, she wasn’t into K-Pop but she fell in love with them because “their music was very soothing to the ears.” 

Since falling in love with them, her bond with her family has deepened. “When I celebrated my 47th birthday, I had my Mingyu theme party. We also celebrated MinGyu’s 25th birthday in our home together with my family and some CARAT friends and we had fun taking photos with my MinGyu standee.” To her and her family, “SEVENTEEN is a source of joy”. She says because of them, “I have a special bond with my kids because of SEVENTEEN. We watch and listen to their songs everyday.”

Of course, K-Pop also brings people together by meeting fellow fans. Alaïs, a French CARAT living in Canada, loves the community of fans. She is a lover of photocard collecting, an interest through which she has met other people in the CARAT fandom. “The community! I really love CARATs!… It’s really amazing to find that many people who share the same interest as you.”


These are only just some quotes from CARAT about their favourite idol group, SEVENTEEN. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and the rest of our Kpopmap readers.

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