Fact Check: Did RIIZE's Guards Get Aggressive And Mistreat A Male Fan At The Airport?

Fact Check: Did RIIZE’s Guards Get Aggressive And Mistreat A Male Fan At The Airport?

A viral TikTok video captured a male fan falling to the ground.

On October 21, a viral TikTok—featuring a video of a male fan at the airport—raised a question about RIIZE‘s guards “mistreating” the said fan.

RIIZE | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

In the video, a male fan (assumed to be a fan because of his camera) can be seen falling to the ground, spilling all his belongings.


ずっこけマスター 消されたので🥲

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – さ🩷 – さ🩷

Then, a tweet sharing the same video also went viral with 1.2M views. While the video offers no other context, the tweet claimed that RIIZE’s guards must have pushed the fan to the ground.

It read, “Curious to know what that man did to have the guards throw him on the ground. I also don’t get the manager who picked up the camera to toss it to the side. Didn’t even hand it back to the man. What baffles me the most is how RIIZE members aren’t giving a single care, except Shotaro.”

Though unverified, it was the guards, the “manager,” and even the members of RIIZE who took heat from online trolls—blaming them for the fan’s accident and criticizing the lack of compassion.

I think RIIZE’s reactions to what happened is f*cking sh*t. Someone LITERALLY got slammed to the ground. But look how the member wearing sunglasses looks at the fan like, ‘No biggie, f*cking fansites deserve it.’ LMAO. Fans are the ones kissing their as*es, and to be treated like this? Tsk, tsk.

— @skwtcocq/Twitter

For f*ck’s sake. Give him some time to pick up his stuff. These idols aren’t gods. Some of these guards are f*cking lunatics.

— @rkskek6161/Twitter

So was the male fan indeed mistreated?

Following the social media buzz, another TikTok shared a video from the same time from a different angle.


噂の飛び出してずっこけたマスター( ◜ω◝ ) 母が別角度からバッチリ撮ってくれてた😆✊🏻💞 #ずっこけニキ#マスター#マナーは守りましょう

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 𝒦 – 𝒦❤︎

In this video, around the 0:05 mark, it shows the male fan attempting to cross under the security line and tripping on his own.

With the new video clearing things up for RIIZE, Koreans discuss how K-Pop idols—and now even guards and managers, too—are also victims of unreasonable, illogical attacks from the internet.

| theqoo
  • “Chaotic.”
  • “It disgusts me how some people are out there picking on a rookie idol group over nothing. It’s so disappointing.”
  • “What are the members supposed to do, though? Help him up? I think RIIZE did the right thing to have kept walking. It’s weird how some people are defending the fan.”
  • “Can we please stop following idols to the airports in general? This is disgusting behavior.”
  • “LMAO. What were the members supposed to do for the dude who legit tripped himself? Help him up and ask him if he’s OK? Which one of you would do the same?”
  • “It genuinely looked like he tripped and fell. Even in the other video. It looked like he lost balance. I can’t believe some people got upset over that.”
  • “It also doesn’t look like the camera was ‘tossed to the side.’ The person who picked it up set it aside to move it out of the way. No?”
  • “Well, had the fan tripped a minute later, he would’ve charged into one of the members. I think RIIZE was courteous enough to not make a big deal about it. I’m sure it scared them, too. I would’ve gotten a lot more dramatic. To me, it actually looks like the members are pretending not to see so that the fan who fell doesn’t feel embarrassed.”
  • “What is it about SM Entertainment idols attracting all of the crazies on the internet?”
  • “So he tripped over himself and fell on his own?”

Meanwhile, some are pointing out that the male fan’s behavior—of crawling under the security line—is the very reason airport guards are becoming more vigilant and even aggressive. RIIZE has had their share of traumatic airport experiences despite being rookies; Read more about it here.

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