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Wonstein has been in the Korean music scene since 2018, but his appearance on “Show Me The Money 9” in 2020 began the solidification of his unique spot in the K-Hip hop scene. Not only did his unique choice of styling garner attention then— with his long, curly hair— his style of rapping also exposed him to the Korean music fans, him immediately gaining support and love for his music and voice.

There are so many beautiful songs Wonstein has released since then, but we especially can’t get enough of his collabs with K-Pop idols, since they too also adore his music. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 5 K-Pop songs that feature Wonstein that we think should be on your fall music playlist. You won’t need much convincing to stream these lovely and loving songs all day every day when you play them.


To us, this is arguably one of the most beautiful low-key songs released in 2022. After all, it was a collab called the “World Peace Project Vol.2”, and their vocals in this track do exactly that: they give peace. Where we can hear Wonstein’s calming vocals, we can also hear the joy and love in Joy’s signature high pitch. The song is a slow-beat and fast-paced melody that’s addictive and enjoyable as they sing of doing wonderful things together because we have love for each other, hence creating a love song. For the fall mood, this song is the perfect addition to your playlist.


2. ‘I’m Gonna Love You’ with EXO’s D.O.

As if D.O.’s isn’t one to make you swoon, he comes and features Wonstein on this track in his “Empathy” album. When you do play this song, you’ll be thankful for this collaboration, no doubt. When they vocalize in the bridge, it’s so beautiful arranged that you might even shed a tear or two. With the low instrumentals of acoustic guitar and the muted drum beat, their vocals plus Wonstein’s vocal rapping get to shine through in this song, and the pair of them is too perfect.


3. ‘H.S.K.T.’ with Lee Hi

This song is the kind that leaves an impression on you long after you hear it. It’s probably due to the chorus being a repetitive one where Lee Hi just sings ‘내 머리 어깨 무릎 발’ which translates to the title of the song, H.S.K.T. (Head, Shoulder, Knee, Toe). Wonstein’s rap adds to LeeHi’s relaxed vocal delivery in this song, and the plain drum beat in this R&B track makes their vocals and rap shine much more. One thing we know for sure is that you’ll find yourself humming to this song more often that expect. It’s that cool of a song.


TaeYong and Wonstein is a collaboration of rap styles indeed. We get to hear TaeYong’s signature charged rap style paired with Wonstein’s more laid-back rap style. But since the beat is mostly drums, the quirkiness of their vocal and rap delivery makes the song more enjoyable because you can’t expect the next direction of the song. This structure in the song combines and stays true to TaeYong’s experimental production while giving Wonstein’s uniqueness in rap more exposure. It’s such a great balance of the two, and we know you’ll love this track as much as we do.


It was wise to feature Wonstein on this acoustic pop song. One second, you’re listening to NaYeon sing away on the track. In the next second, Wonstein comes onto the second verse and bridge with his vocal rap lines. The most amazing part of this structure is that it fits so well and sounds so seamless. Naturally, you can’t now help but adore and vibe to this song. It’s a danceable track too, so be prepared to move around while you’re streaming this one.


We absolutely cannot wait for you to add these songs to your fall playlist, or any playlist of yours, for that matter. The enjoyability of these songs is a solid 10/10.