EXO’s Kai Reveals His Unexpected “Biggest Goal In Life”

He has big plans for the future!

EXO‘s Kai announced in February that he would be making his anticipated solo comeback and released his third mini-album Rover on March 13. To celebrate his solo return, he chatted with GQ magazine and revealed an unexpected life goal.

EXO’s Kai | @weareone.exo/Instagram

Kai made his solo debut in 2020 with the hit single “Mmmh” and returned with “Peaches” in 2021.

After a little over a year, he’s back with “Rover,” showcasing his multiple talents and a new side to himself.

Kai’s “Rover” concept photo | SM Entertainment

Kai opened up about the theme of his new album and explained that it centers around freedom.

… the core theme of the album is about being unburdened by pressure and seeking a freedom

— GQ Magazine

| SM Entertainment

He explores the theme in multiple ways, through not sticking to a specific genre and presenting himself in a way that people wouldn’t expect, breaking free from pre-conceptions of him.

I make an effort to find what I want to do and what I like. And doing this, I think, really is freedom.

— EXO’s Kai

| SM Entertainment

To find freedom in his own life, he focuses on being present in the moment and finding happiness in the little things. He acknowledges that it isn’t always easy to do that, though.

I do think that feeling happiness within the smallest of things might be true happiness. But just to feel that little something, I think you need to put in a lot of effort.

— EXO’s Kai

| @zkdlin/Instagram

After reflecting on the past and present, Kai also looked to the future in his interview. He’s looking forward to EXO’s long-awaited group comeback but also has another unexpected goal in mind: a move overseas.

One of the biggest goals in my life is living in London for a year. It’s my main goal.

— EXO’s Kai

He hilariously shared with GQ that the gloomy weather does not deter him; there is way more that attracts him to England’s capital.

Although he dreams of London, his primary focus is his solo promotions and EXO’s comeback. For more on EXO’s upcoming return, check out the article below!

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