“Doona!” Wins A Spot On Netflix’s “Top 10” Lineup Amid Divided Viewer Reactions

“Doona!” Wins A Spot On Netflix’s “Top 10” Lineup Amid Divided Viewer Reactions

“Doona!” Wins A Spot On Netflix’s “Top 10” Lineup Amid Divided Viewer Reactions

Is this webtoon-based K-Drama worth watching?

With some high anticipation, K-Drama Doona! premiered on Netflix on October 20.

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Following the premiere, the nine-episode show has since throned itself on Netflix Korea’s most-watched “Top 10” lineup. Alongside Strong Girl Gang Nam Soon and A Good Day To Be A DogDoona! is sitting at #2.

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Overall, estimated to be #8 on the “Global Top 10,” Doona! is a hit around the world. Yet, the reviews from Korean viewers remain mixed:

| theqoo
  • “I thought it was the best show I’ve watched on Netflix as of 2023.”
  • “I loved the kiss scene. No, I loved all of the scenes!!!”
  • “Just get through the first 30 minutes in Episode 1. Then, in Episodes 4 and 5, things REALLY pick up. I was hooked. Suzy and Yang Se Jong have mad chemistry.”
  • “Please just watch it. I’m telling you all, it’s f*cking good.”
  • “I liked it. It gets kind of deep toward the end, too.”
  • “F*cking good.”
  • “It gets better with each episode. If you’ve stopped watching in the first few episodes, please give it another chance.”
  • “IDK, I just liked looking at Suzy’s face. That’s all.”
  • “I hope it really takes off!”
| theqoo
  • “Things REALLY take off in Episodes 5 through 9. The leads have amazing chemistry. It gets pretty emotional, IMO.”
  • “I started getting into it once I got to Episode 4.”
  • “I’m on Episode 3, and I like it. Suzy is beautiful and Yang Se Jong is hot.”
  • “Oh, what?! This already premiered? I’m going to start tonight. Seeing how everyone thinks it was a good watch, I can’t wait.”
  • “From Episode 5, the show will suck you in. I think I’m going to watch it over and over again for the years to come.”
  • “I don’t know… I thought it was a lot less than what I expected.”
  • “I thought it was good… The final episodes are intense. So well-produced.”
  • “IMO, it drags in the final episodes. I only liked the first few episodes.”
  • “I’m watching this for Suzy… but I can’t get myself to focus at all. I don’t think the female lead character is for everyone. And the first few episodes don’t do the best job at selling that character to the viewers. Doona, as a character, might come off as selfish and dramatic to some.”
  • “I don’t really like the female lead’s personality. There’s something unattractive about her… You know? And I don’t really like how she’s dressed in the episodes either.”

Regardless of the conflicting reviews, one thing seems certain: The pre-debut anticipation is attracting a lot of views. From K-Pop glam to heartbreak romance, Doona! does offer a lot. As global interest continues to build, the show is expected to remain in the Top 10 for a while.

Meanwhile, some viewers believe actress Han So Hee might’ve been better for the role of Doona. Read more about their thoughts here:

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