DKB And Casual Street Fashion Brand RDVZ Announce Official Collaboration

DKB And Casual Street Fashion Brand RDVZ Announce Official Collaboration

DKB And Casual Street Fashion Brand RDVZ Announce Official Collaboration

DKB is a 9 member South Korean Boy group underneath Brave Entertainment consisting of E-Chan, D1, Teo, GK, HeeChan, Lune, JunSeo, Yuku and Harry June. They debuted on February 3rd, 2020 with the song ‘Sorry Mama’ which is featured on their EP “YOUTH”. You might recognize the group for their songs, ‘We Go Up’, ‘Tell Me Tell Me’, ‘Work Hard’,Still‘, ‘All In‘, ‘Rollercoaster‘, ‘Sober‘, ‘24/7‘ or for appearing and attracting new fans as Team 8:00 on “Peak Time

The group recently made their first anticipated comeback since originally appearing on “Peak Time”. The 8 track EP “We Love You” consists of new and refreshing sounds that everyone can relate to. Songs like, ‘I Need Love’ and ‘More than 100 Reasons’ are stealing fans’ hearts. While the tracks, ‘All Yours’ and ‘Told You’, showcase a different side of the members.

DKB gave a notice to fans about two special ongoing events. 

1. Everline Shop announced that you can now officially purchase official DKB albums, MD, and chances to attend fan signings. This comes as an addition to the announcement of the ability to become the official 1st generation ‘BB’ (DKB’s Bestie). 

2. DKB is the newest and latest models for the cover of Official Spotify Playlist Hallyu Boy Bands.

Fans can listen to their track, ’24/7′, to support the group’s achievement of becoming the cover. 


To celebrate the announcements, let’s take a look back, dig into DKB’s history, and view these 10 performances of live clips and covers. Have any favorites that we missed? Don’t forget to add it within the comments!


1. Where it all began: Performance Video 1 & 2

While pre-debut fans eagerly waited for new content to learn about the members, they were excited to finally receive these promotion films. These were some of the first films and are a must-watch for new fans. 

Promotion Film #1 was released on October 24th, 2019 and the following Promotion Film #2 was released on November 28th, 2019 with the hope that fans would soon be able to meet the members. One of the first videos where the official SNS (Social Media) to follow and support DKB was also announced around this time.


2. DPR Live – ‘Text Me’ Choreography by DKB

If you are a fan of the South Korean Indie or South Korean Hip Hop Scene, you might recognize DPR Live from the DPR Crew (Dream Perfect Regime). On January 7th, 2020, Harry June and JunSeo were one of the first to be revealed in a video together with self-created choreography of DPR Live’s popular song ‘Text Me’. 

This is one of the first songs that showcased the abilities that the members had in choreography, gaining praise from many.


3. DPR Live – “Laputa” (feat. Crush) Freestyle by Harry June 

Within the South Korean Indie and even South Korean Hip-Hop Scene, it goes without saying that DPR and DPR Live give inspiration to many individuals. DPR is known for their visually addicting MVs and unique music. Because of this, a lot of idols have mentioned they enjoy their songs, so it’s no surprise to see a freestyle cover of the artist. 

On October 2nd, 2020, Harry June uploaded a short clip of a freestyle to DPR Live’s song ‘Laputa’ featuring Crush. You can watch the MV down below.  

If you enjoy dance covers, and South Korean Indie artists, Harry June also has uploaded a freestyle of pH-1’s ‘Homebody’ which you can watch here


4. DKB Covering GRV Presents Choreography for Trip Lee’s ‘LAZARUS’. 

This video is a well-known fan favorite. DKB puts their own spin, color, and charisma into GRV Presents’ choreography for ‘Lazarus’. 

The official choreography is by a dance crew, with their official YouTube Channel being created in 2019 and is highly favored among dancers. On May 30th, 2018, the channel uploaded a video of DKB performing ‘LAZARUS’ at a special 2018 Friends & Family Night. They showcased their insane skills with numerous members. Don’t forget to check it out for yourselves below. If you are interested in dance, it is definitely a channel and crew to check out! 


This cover showcases not only the original choreography, but DKB’s own spin and key points. Fans cannot help but voice their praise while watching the video. 

On April 29th, 2020, DKB released this video, making it a must watch for all ITZY fans.


When it comes to K-Pop, people often tend to go towards new groups who either have similar role models, interests or respect. DKB is no different. In a highly respectful cover, the group covers songs by numerous idols. This includes BTS, SEVENTEEN, NCT 127, SF9, PENTAGON, and ATEEZ. DKB performed some songs that rarely get covered. This includes PENTAGON’s ‘Dr. BeBe’, NCT 127′ ‘Kick It’, SEVENTEEN’s ‘Snap Shoot’, SF9’s ‘RPM’, ATEEZ’s ‘Wave’, BTS’ ‘ON’, and SF9’s ‘Good Guy’.


Definitely a cover that got me into DKB was their cover of some of my favorite GOT7 songs. This cover showed the DKB’s duality and ability to cover a variety of songs that aren’t always heavy hip-hop or EDM. Despite his long bangs, Lune still stands out, along with Harry June and D1 during ‘Stop stop it’. 

This cover is a must watch for those who enjoy GOT7. What song that was covered is your favorite? For me, it has to be ‘Just Right’ and ‘Never Ever’.


On March 5th, 2020, Teo treated the fans to a rare vocal focused cover of Crush’s song ‘Let Us Go’. The song was featured as part of the “Crash Landing On You” OST soundtrack and was previously released on February 9th, 2020. The cover itself showcases Teo’s ability to perform an emotional song and hit high notes.


On February 29th, 2020, DKB continued with a dance cover of personally made choreography to ChungHa’s song ‘Snapping’. The group revealed their own charms and aura within the video. They gained thanks and praise from a handful of ChungHa fans in the comments and on other platforms.


10. Work Hard + Tell Me Tell Me 

This is without a doubt one of my own personal favorite performances. DKB treated fans to a special clip on December 4th, 2020 that acted as a pre-Christmas gift for fans. The live clip performance of their tracks ‘Work Hard’ and ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ was one of the highest quality performances fans received from the group at the time, making it a quick fan favorite and streaming filler. The funny choreography by Harry June was a key point and will always provide a laugh. JunSeo being in the center and GK’s classic blue hair is something fans can’t help but mention as well. 

To catch up with DKB you can read this article here: Everything to know about DKB from a Long Term Fan, “Peak Time”, New Dance Practice Room and more. Don’t forget to watch the latest MVs by DKB here: DKB Told You MV, All Yours MV, and follow them officially on SNS or on Spotify here.