Disgraced Idol Lands Brand Ambassadorship In Thailand Following Dating Rumors With Businesswoman

Disgraced Idol Lands Brand Ambassadorship In Thailand Following Dating Rumors With Businesswoman

Disgraced Idol Lands Brand Ambassadorship In Thailand Following Dating Rumors With Businesswoman

Koreans are reacting with general confusion.

Park Yoochun (formerly known as Micky Yoochun or Park Yuchun), a former member of TVXQ and JYJ, is said to be in a relationship with a businesswoman in Thailand—and working as a brand ambassador for her cosmetic store in Bangkok.

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In an exclusive report on November 3, Hankook Ilbo claimed that Park Yoochun found love in Thailand and that the woman in question is a high-profile businesswoman: Chalita Salirathavibhaga.

Chalita Salirathavibhaga is the “importer” of Savor Beauty + Spa in Bangkok; And, according to Hankook Ilbo, she is also the daughter of a high-ranking public official in Thailand.

Hankook Ilbo also stated that Park Yoochun and Chalita Salirathavibhaga are serious about their year-old relationship, with a good potential for talks of marriage—though Logbook Entertainment has not verified the information.

According to insiders of Thaiand’s entertainment business, the two have been seeing each other for over a year. Insiders of Korea’s entertainment business have also confirmed that the two were believed to be dating for a while now.

— Hankook Ilbo

Since August 2023, Park Yoochun has been involved in promoting Korean-style skin care products for Savor Beauty in Thailand—via Instagram posts using his pictures.

Following the news, Koreans are reacting with general confusion over the relationship.

| theqoo
  • “Wow…”
  • “She picked out trash. Geez.”
  • “I don’t understand the woman. He’s a criminal with two records. Just WHY?”
  • “Wow?”
  • [Deleted Comment]
  • “How come the daughter of a high-ranking public official dating a literal criminal? And how come the father isn’t stopping her? Do drug charges not mean much in Thailand?”
  • “I’m so confused right now. Why would a successful businesswoman who’s from a well-off family want to see someone like him?”
  • “But from what I remember, his skin wasn’t all that good.”
| theqoo
  • “Yikes… We never really know what’s going to happen, huh?”
  • “Which wealthy family daughter in their right minds would date him, though? I don’t understand women who go for the sh*ttiest pieces of sh*t. Anyway… I wonder if they can communicate at all. I don’t think Park Yoochun would’ve learned Thai for the woman, and I don’t think he’d be good at speaking English?”
  • “Oh, no… He doesn’t look like what he used to at all. His former teammates have taken such great care of themselves. Yet, here he is…”
  • “I mean, weed is legal in Thailand. Isn’t it? So…”
  • “But why…? RUN, girl. RUN.”
  • “…???”

Since 2019, Park Yoochun has been the center of multiple controversies; From drug abuse to alleged rape, and the latest dispute with a former management label.

As of November 2023, though, Park Yoochun surfaced with a handwritten message shared via his brother‘s Twitter account, claiming that he’s in the middle of legal battles sorting out the scandals.

Park Yoochun Resurfaces With A Sudden Apology On Someone Else’s Twitter Account

Source: Hankook Ilbo and theqoo