"Did You Wash Your *ss?" — GOT7's BamBam Gets Creative To Roast His Favorite Target, Jay B

“Did You Wash Your *ss?” — GOT7’s BamBam Gets Creative To Roast His Favorite Target, Jay B

BamBam always has something to say!

Since their debut in 2014, GOT7 have been open about their close relationship with each other. The members routinely refer to each other as brothers and have maintained their sibling-like relationship even though they are currently pursuing solo endeavors.

The group shows off their closeness in many ways, like Mark attending Jackson Wang‘s solo concert in LA (and his afterparty)…

…and Jay B and Yugyeom traveling to see Jinyoung before he entered training for his mandatory military enlistment.

One of the most iconic friendships is that of BamBam and leader Jay B, who have a Tom and Jerry-type relationship. BamBam can often be seen teasing Jay B in various ways, as the older member responds with exasperation.

(top to bottom) GOT7’s BamBam and Jay B

As of late, fans have been missing this particular friendship, as Jay B is currently serving his enlistment as a public worker, and BamBam has been busy with his recent comeback and live performances.

It seems like BamBam has not forgotten his favorite target after sending him a “special” message on social media!

Though Jay B is currently serving out his enlistment, because he is not on active duty, he is able to use social media during his off time.

GOT7’s resident trickster often uses social media to bother his groupmates and even targeted Jay B when the elder first made his personal Twitter account.

Recently, BamBam tweeted out a video, tagging Jay B while asking, “did u?” The video shows what appears to be BamBam’s hand opening up a laptop before the clip switches to another person asking, “did you wash your *ss today?

BamBam also shared the clip on Instagram, telling fans to “tag a friend and say nothing” when they do it. Fans, of course, have responded with their own comedy, even suggesting merch “items.”

Jay B has yet to respond to BamBam’s latest “attack!”