Debut Sensation RIIZE Achieves Rapid Million Seller Status with 1.03 Million Pre-orders

SM Entertainment’s new rookie group, RIIZE, has made their highly-anticipated debut with the single album “Get A Guitar.” The title track, “Get A Guitar,” combines retro synthesizers and funky guitar rhythms, delivering a message of unity and pursuing dreams. RIIZE has already garnered immense attention, surpassing 1.03 million pre-orders, hinting at their potential to become a million-seller from the start.

The album revolves around the theme of the members’ journey while preparing for their debut and includes two tracks: “Get A Guitar” and “Memories.” RIIZE, a seven-member group consisting of Shotaro, Eunsuk, Sungchan, Wonbin, Seunghan, Sohee, and Anton, aims to represent a team that grows together and realizes their dreams, as reflected in their name’s meaning. The group’s debut is marked by various events and content releases, making it an exciting time for fans and the music industry as a whole.