Dark Beauty ENHYPEN, ‘Bite Me’

ENHYPEN posted the track list of the 4th mini album ‘Dark Blood’ on the official social media on the 17th.

This album includes the title song ‘Bite Me’, ‘Fate’, ‘Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)’, ‘Chaconne’, ‘Bills’ , and ‘Karma’. ‘Dark Blood’ is an album that opens the ‘Blood’ series following the ‘Border’, ‘Dimension’, and ‘Manifesto’ series, and tells the story of a boy reuniting with his destined partner and preparing for sacrifice.

The title song ‘Bite Me’ tells the story of a boy who reunites with his destined partner and realizes that he and a girl are destined to be connected by blood. Prior to the release of the tracklist, on the 16th, part of the song and choreography of ‘Bite Me’ was released through the official account of ENHYPEN of TikTok, a global short-form mobile video platform.

ENHYPEN will release an album preview on the 17th prior to the release of ‘Dark Blood’ on the 22nd.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr