BTS's V Is Breaking Rules...And Probably Stressing Out His Stylists

BTS’s V Is Breaking Rules…And Probably Stressing Out His Stylists

His hair methods are…questionable. 🤣

The BTS members love making their own rules when it comes to hair!

From crazy methods of dying their hair, like Jungkook‘s two-tone look…

…to DIY haircuts like Jinnothing is off-limits for them.

However, V is totally breaking the rules with his latest revelation about his hair.

Sporting a fluffy and wavy hairstyle in his latest livestream, V showed off his natural “boyfriend material” visuals during the broadcast.

He looked so good that ARMYs couldn’t help but to flirt with him!

When asked to give a TMI, he shared that he might have gone against the rules to sport his new hairstyle.

I got a perm and I’m not supposed to wash my hair after… but I did!

— V

Typically, after receiving a perm or a similar hair treatment, you may have to wait at least a day or two to let the treatment process on your hair. However, it seems V makes his own rules!

In the end, the style looks stunning on him, so his unique tactics worked!

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