BTS’s V Is A Charismatic Rockstar In New “Layover” Concept Photos

BTS‘s V is stunning in new concept photos for his solo album Layover. Check out all of the new pics below!

1. Rockstar Taehyung is here!

He brings out his edgy flair with bold makeup and leather clothes.

2. His soft “teddy bear” visuals are unmatched.

If you love a boyfriend material concept, these photos will be your preference!

3. He’s showing some skin this time.

ARMYs are loving the effortlessly cool concept!

4. He’s in his punk rock era.

His shaggy hair, metal accessories, and charisma all make him untouchably cool.

5. He’s glowing like an angel.

Sporting colors like red and gold, he glitters in sequins.

Which concept is your favorite?

Source: Weverse


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